Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Old broken TV

Old broken TV (Photo credit: schmilblick)

Have you ever been frustrated at a mechanical device?  I don’t mean a little miffed; I am talking about the kind of frustration that would cause hardware to fly into walls and through windows.

The mad dog rage that starts wars and causes preachers to cuss and other such unthinkable nasties.

Well allow me to share one such story.  A tale of such woe oozing with the vile stench of death, dismemberment, and downright bad behavior.  I had been working on a device to alleviate discomfort in my legs as I slept.  Now you see, the completion of this device was not my responsibility alone. It also involved the work of other skilled craftsmen.

After months of designing the ingenious apparatus (the likes of which have never been seen by the eyes of man), construction was ready to commence. I enlisted a judicious technician to begin the delicate task of assembling this gift to humanity, under my strict supervision, of course.

Next, the precise task of assembling the motivation for this work of art was placed in the hands of an artisan without equal. Once this was completed, the sections in all their glory were returned to me for final assembly. Cautiously, I began the tedious process of removing insulation from soon to be current-laden wires.

With much fuss and ado this process was finished. The last task to complete this magnificent creation was at hand. I energized the moving parts of this grandiose mechanism. A deafening quiet overtook the room. No one dared move as they awaited the equivalent of the breath of life to surge through this masterful experiment. The instrument of liberation hummed, sputtered, and then quickly died, reminiscent of one who lets an inflated balloon go and watches as it fizzles to the ground.

And then, as if this weren’t enough to drive a sane man to the brink of unthinkable atrocities, the controller on my newly-updated media machine failed to operate, causing a unconscionable dilemma that would have made a lesser man cross the line into the dark side of all known and unknown sides that happen to be dark.

Now, here is where my genius gallantly shines. If you become frustrated as you write, take time to remove yourself from your current project. You will find that a fresh set of eyes on a once aggravating manuscript will do wonders. Do as I say and not as I do and in this way you will incur less repair costs on walls and windows.

Just remember as you read my posts, that if I could buy myself for what I’m worth and sell myself for what I think I’m worth, I could eliminate the national debt.

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