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God Bless This Great Nation and the Souls Who Have Given Their All to Defend Her

On the last Monday of each May, we celebrate Memorial Day. We take this day to honor those who have served in our armed forces and given their lives in the defense of this country. I personally salute and give a heartfelt “Thank You” to those who have given their all, so that I may live with the freedoms I enjoy today. This holiday has been observed since the end of the Civil War when it was called Decorations Day. God Bless those who have taken up the cause of freedom for this great nation and their families who have offered a great sacrifice for our home,  the United States of America!

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Maybe a Little Too Big to Wrestle

Have you ever been on a “sickation” where time was spent recuperating in the hospital? I was fortunate growing up living my young adult life and  into my middle age with not so much as a single night spent in a medical facility. . . purdy good, huh? Well, all things come to an end whether they be good or bad.

My first trip to the infirmary came by way of pneumonia. Now, it’s amazing what your mind will conjure up when your body is in a stressful situation. Have you ever heard of ICU psychosis? If not, please allow me to explain the joys of this psychotic condition.

My first stay in a hospital with pneumonia was fraught with wonderful little episodes of ICU psychosis. I will give you a few examples (of which there are many) in an attempt to explain this little slice of heaven.

We moved to a different part of the hospital. I will put my demented spin on what I saw…in the area we occupied, I was staying in a brick home. Within this home sat a silicone dinosaur. I had parked my butt on the back of this large reptilian. My new friend, the dinosaur was slowly absorbing me. At one point, I found myself lying across a toolbox that was mounted to my Nissan pickup.

Imagine arguing with your spouse about moving from something that does not exist (i.e. toolbox). Somethings cannot be done and having to ramble with a lunatic in a hospital ward concerning one of these possibilities is outside the realm of creative thinking.

But, all in all, hospital stays are hard on the patient and the family. Especially, my spouse and loving wife, who never leaves my side throughout the entire stay. God has blessed me in so many different ways and one of those being a wife who is always there for me.

One thing I can always be assured is no lack of material for my novels and the medical miracles that enhance our lives each day we spend on this planet.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll send out another offering next week.

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Many are the Building Blocks for a Good Novel

Any idea of how many types of crystals are growing around us? . . . And yes, I mean growing. For many of the crystalline varieties are edible, and even necessary for good health, i.e. salt and on the other end of the spectrum, sugar.

If you equate the number of stories available as a resource, this would easily keep the average writer going through multiple careers, especially with crystals that never stop growing.

Many new story lines would present themselves allowing the author to expand upon the overall story, even as he writes about the daily conditions within his ever-changing world.

I’ll have to admit this would throw a monkey wrench in the way we write now, but take a few minutes to ponder this notion, wouldn’t this produce a provocative, thought bending way to approach the written word? . . . Just saying. Although I don’t believe it would work for me.

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