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Our Country Is Tearing Itself Apart

Our country is tearing itself apart with so much divisiveness politically and in our everyday lives. The major players being Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Libertarian political parties.

We are at odds with our neighbor over race, religion, climate, diet, and a plethora of issues too numerous to name.

It’s not supposed to be like this. Our Creator tells us to love one another, a command not a suggestion.

Think about these words:

                           “We don’t have to agree on anything

                            to be kind to one another.”


Give it some thought, and while you’re at it, have a great week and may God bless!

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When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see, perfection? Perhaps, a blank canvas that requires a great deal of work is staring back. Maybe your everyday average mug that needs a shave or a good washing from the previous night’s sleep is peering at you. Certainly, we can make a case for “bed-head.”

Mirrors or looking glasses are odd creations. The first silvered glass mirror was made in 1835. The purity of the thin layer of silver applied to its back not only provided reflectivity, but what is believed to prevent a vampire’s reflection from being replicated.

According to Murray Glass, ancient Roman lore said the cycle of life renewed itself every 7-years; therefore, any misfortune experienced by the destruction of a mirror, would reset itself, with all things made right, each 7-year time-frame. Hence the 7-year down turn as penitence for a broken mirror.   

According to Manhattan Gold and Silver, the 1960’s is when the changeover occurred from silvering mirrors with silver to silvering mirrors with evaporated aluminum.

Producing a mirror in this way is accomplished by evaporating the metal in a vacuum chamber and condensing the metal vapors on the glass in a coating, according to Robley C. Williams.

Now, that you know everything you need to know, and then some, about mirrors. I want you to take this information along with you the next time you glance into a mirror. I am sure you will find it absolutely invaluable during your glance.

Speaking of this week, make it the best one you’ve had since the last best one you had, and may God bless you and yours richly!  

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Things are on the mend and it is now safe to say, “I’m back.”

In recent weeks, I’ve been lax in posting my blog due to medical issues worming their way through me.  Things are on the mend, and it is now safe to say, “I’m back.” Let’s get started!

Not so many years ago, I used batteries just in flashlights and a handful of other items. These days’ things have changed a bit. When it comes to lawn care, our gas fueled mower and weed eater have been replaced with battery-powered equipment. Power tools that used to run on AC current, such as drills, circular saws and numerous other hand tools are all powered by battery. Even when I write, I find I employ devices that run on DC current, including my mouse and Bluetooth.

Two remotes for our television, one remote for our bed, and we mustn’t forget the almighty telephone, all requiring batteries to activate.

Assorted batteries in our van and an inside ” transport lift” round out a plethora of items that use batteries to come to life.

Next time you pick something that requires power, take a gander. Does it plug in to a receptacle in order to operate, plug in to a receptacle restoring an exhausted charge or must you slide small power cells into this item for it to function? Nuff said.

Have a great week and may God bless.  

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