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Chauvin, Who Would’a Thunk?

You’ll have to admit that it’s quite unusual when the meaning of a particular subject turns back upon itself, leaving the original definition a complete 180 from whence it began. Such is the case with the French surname, Chauvin. Who would’a thunk?

According to Tahlequah daily press, Nicholas Chauvin was a patriot in Napoleon’s army. He exuded such a fierce loyalty for Napoleon Bonaparte; his name became synonymous and even means, ‘loyal.’

 Quite a twist from the “male chauvinist pig” I recall hearing as a young man.

Just another interesting tidbit of useless information to begin your week.

May God bless you so richly that your spiritual portfolio splits and doubles two-fold.

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What’s Good for the Goose is Not Necessarily Good for the Gander

“Hello, everyone, and allow me to say that it’s great to be back in the saddle.” Culminating my last post, I finished out the past five days in the hospital. Something I learned years ago, but was reinforced during the last couple of weeks, is that ‘whats good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.’ Medical practices can change drastically depending on the condition treated.

A good analogy would be the God-given gift of fire. In millennia past, this valuable commodity (cooked food) heated nomads and permanent structures while also aiding in medical procedures.

We have all been on the bad side of what fire can do; thankfully, the injuries are usually minor. Unfortunately, there are those who have experienced the catastrophic disasters fire can wrought. Devastating forest fires can devour thousands of acres each year, along with homes and businesses. Many times these blazes are brought about by lightning, but occasionally succumb to the whims of an arsonist.

Once we began living in wooden structures, we learned that kitchens should be separate from the main dwelling in order to avert any chance of burning said dwelling to the ground.

Fire is just one of many comforts that must be handled with extreme care, less it turn and bite.

It’s wonderful being able to post my weekly blog once again, hopefully, for your enjoyment. Just remember, God loves you like no other can!

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Cough, Cold and COVID

I  hope this finds all of you well.

I wanted to account for my absence the past several weeks. I have been at war with a respiratory virus that keeps returning after a barrage of antibiotics. It looks like I’ve finally turned a corner as the last battle seems to be going in my favor until a second unwanted guest showed its ugly face.  Yup, COVID stopped by just to say. “Hello!” My quarantine will be over soon and I hope to return next week. Oh joy, Oh bliss, there is nothing like a cough, cold and COVID.

Have a great week and may God bless!


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