If You’re Old, Say You’re Old; If You’re Ugly, Well…That’s Up to You

English: Galapagos Tortoise Geochelone nigra m...

Galapagos Tortoise  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this post, I would like to discuss diversity. “Whoa,” you say, “another controversial subject.” “Nay,” I reply to you. Yes, just the word diversity can conjure feelings of endearment or engender violent confrontation. It is for this reason that we will leave this particular type of diversity to those who specialize in political correctness.

Instead, we will investigate a much kinder type of diversity. Case in point, the Galapagos tortoise: A giant in its species, lumbering about, living a hundred years or more and not too easy on the eyes. In the same vein, snapping turtles can also live past the century mark, and pardon me for saying it (especially if you’re a turtle) they’re even uglier than the Galapagos tortoise.

Interestingly enough, civil war mini-balls have been found embedded in still-living snapping turtles (although I wonder if the turtle sided with the Union or the Confederacy).

On the other side of the coin, the May Fly takes wing, flies around in time to meet a May Fly of the opposite sex, consummates the meeting, and within 24 hours is busy taking a dirt nap. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Consider the shrew, whose metabolic rate is so fast that it must eat every three hours or perish. The same can be said of the hummingbird, who must go into a state of hibernation in order to make it through the night without feeding.

So you see, diversity is what you make it. And when it comes to your writing, you want to make it a good thing. Have you ever heard a band and once they have a popular song, the next five or six songs have the same flavor as their hit?

Stay away from copying successes you may have once had. Instead, encourage yourself to produce fresh material in order to attain the same success.

Please pardon me while I pop this pesky bullet out of my thigh. I’ve got a date tonight and I just got my wings.

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