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Green, Green, Green, Green . . . Ain’t it Beautiful!

With spring comes a renewal of life. Green leaves replace the dormant grey. Beautiful flowers in an array of colors, and home gardens at the ready to supply fresh vegetables. These wells of life feed us through the summer and well into the winter if you so choose to freeze or can your home-grown bounty.

Another plus or minus, depending on how you view it, is the rebirth of our lawns. Some love the Saturday task of mowing, weed eating, edging, and all the other pleasantries that go along with lawn care. Others simply dread it.

We were introduced to an older gentleman who does lawn care for a living. His prices were so reasonable, we couldn’t help but give him an opportunity to prove his ability to cut, clip, and trim. He did an excellent job and has been with us for several years, now. Other than his work, what I really admire about this man is his honesty. He comes out each week to look over our yard. If it needs work, he does it. If not, he doesn’t go through the motions  just to fill his pockets, he leaves and returns the following week. Not only does he care for our yard, he cleans our gutters, hauls our trash, and will do pretty much anything we ask. If you know of someone who could possibly do the same for you, give them a chance…they might just surprise you.

Have a great week and may God shine upon you and your family.

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What Else Can I Say . . . “That’s All Folks!”

Do you remember the old television shows Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Bat Masterson, and the like? Well, neither do I, but what I do recall, to mention a few, are the written classics, War of the Worlds, The Old Man and the Sea, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth (for all you, “Vernians.”)

If I really dig deep, when it comes to classic entertainment, my fondest memories were as a child viewing Warner Brother’s cartoons. Early Saturday morning my sister and I would arise from our slumber being careful not to wake the parents. We would park our butts on the floor in front of that magic screen and watch Bugs Bunny, with his Bronx accent outsmart any number of characters foolish enough to take-him-on.

While Bugs was my favorite we mustn’t forget Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian, Coyote, Road Runner, Tasmanian Devil, and a cast of characters all brought to life by the late, great Mel Blanc.

I’ll have to admit that anytime I get to watch those great cartoons of yesteryear, I turn into that little boy sitting in front of the boob tube early Saturday morning.

They say you can never go back . . . I don’t know, I tend to disagree.

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I’ll Bet You’d Never Thought That Eating, Writing and Science Fiction Were So Closely Related.

There’s an element common in all genres.  Whether sci-fi, romance, fantasy or horror characters eat. There may be one exception, but excluding the need for nutrition in the genre of steam punk (of which I am much too unfamiliar) I may be woefully wrong.

Leaning toward writing science fiction, as many do, including myself, you may find something simplistic as a meal itself turning into an adventure with numerous unexpected sub-genres and action sequences unusual.

The action-packed meal can be related to our lives (maybe not as exciting or consequential) but in a mundane, comparatively speaking way. It’s similar to the first time you try something exotic, such as wallaby, ostrich, or sea urchin. Of course, most people would not care for a meal that presented itself in the manner which remains prevalent in my writing. I like the action, in an action-adventure novel (which I, also, enjoy writing) to remain throughout the book.

To complete this blog, it would behoove me to say that I immensely enjoy writing, eating, and writing about eating in certain situations.

Until next week, I hope you will remain in good health, spirits and may God bless.

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You’ve Heard It Over and Over, But Just To Reiterate, Wash Your Hands, Don’t Touch Your Face and Stay At Home

As a nation we’re experiencing some of the most difficult times we’ve had in the past century. The Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic we have not seen the likes of since the Spanish Flu of 1918. This pandemic affected 500 million people.

We need to pray for the many who have been inflicted with the Coronavirus  and sadly the families and friends of those who have lost their lives.

We will get through this together. It is wonderful to see, even in this time of trouble, our country coming together despite the division we have encountered for many years now.

I would like to switch gears and list some of the inconveniences we deal with this time of year as we struggle with the deadly COVID-19 virus.

I live in the Mid-Atlantic. During early spring, one day we’ll have frost on the ground and the next a 90° heatwave. The flu is still rearing its ugly head and will be for another month or so. We have been experiencing tree pollen, but now the yellow dust covers our cars and houses triggering a massive influx of phlegm in our snot lockers. If not our noses, then our eyes runnith over with a sticky fluid that glues each eyelid together.

As we contemplate the events of the past few months, an end seems far away, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, one I believe we will realize sooner than later.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

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