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Creation In And Of Itself Is A Miracle, But Boy It Can Sure Be Ugly

As a science fiction writer, and I’m sure I have said this before, I enjoy devising outlandish beasts and creatures that could only exist in one’s mind. On the other hand, creation in and of itself is a miracle, but, boy, it can sure be ugly.

Occasionally, the critters that I concoct are of the tiny flesh gnawing variety. This makes me stop and think of the wonders in nature. How amazing are the insects that avoid our glance because of their diminutive size. These beings have a brain, nervous system, and circulatory system to digest their food, which frequently comes in the form of human juice.

How about the bumble bee? They’re big, bulbous, possess undersized wings, totally lack any form of aerodynamics, and yet, they perform the impossible, by flying and executing the deed flawlessly.

We, also, see God’s sense of humor in the duck-billed platypus, blob fish (seen above), narwhal, and a plethora of odd creatures.

If we sit in our backyards, especially during the summer months, but to an extent all year long, we will see the miracle of creation. 

And, what a miracle, it is!

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Conservatory Methods May Not Be Necessary Nor Work On All Of Our Natural Resources

I believe conservation is vital (recycling being one of the most important), but is it possible that conservatory methods may not be necessary nor work on all of our natural resources?

Now, I say this tongue-n-cheek, so please take it in the humorous spirit for which it is meant. The resource, of which I speak, is water. If you think about the water cycle, there is really no place for water to go.

Each ounce we use, whether to drink, bathe, or water our lawn, stays on earth. It sinks into the ground, runs into a stream then enters a tributary that leads to larger bodies of water. This water is evaporated by the sun, condensed into clouds, which then falls back to the earth as rain.

Water that seeps into the ground makes its way through the topsoil, subsoil, layers of rock and stone which filter impurities. This ground water eventually makes its way into aquifers placed at different levels. Some can be reached with shallow wells no more than fifty feet deep. Others are at depths two to three hundred feet below the surface and require a deep well. When the aquifer is deep enough that ground pressure pushes water to the surface once the aquifer is tapped, it is referred to as an artesian well.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me, whenever there’s a drought in one location, there are flood waters in another.

Our water supply is constantly cycling throughout the troposphere and underneath the earth’s surface. With our planet’s weather in constant motion, systems have no choice but to also be in constant motion which keeps the water on the move.

Just a thought from a science fiction novelist, taking a break from edits and rewrites. Enjoy your day and have a big bottle of cold water on me.

Post script: Did you know that 40% of all bottled water comes from a tap . . . just sayin.’  

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Toss Me In The Water, Suds My Hide Up Proper, And Beat Me Against A Rock . . . Don’t Care How You Do It, Just Get Me Clean

In this day and age there are so many things with which we take issue. For instance, what is your favorite style BBQ? Beef brisket, North Carolina pulled pork or Memphis with a red sauce.

How do you like your steak? Rare, medium rare, medium or well done.

And, one of the all-time questions posed to man, do you prefer a bath or shower?

Now me, I usually take a shower. Not just any shower, but a hot shower, and I mean a hot shower. There’s nothing better than the water streaming through my hair and coursing down my body. I’ll admit I spend an overabundance of time under the spray; however, it is one of my self-indulgences.

I will have to concede that occasionally I also enjoy sliding into a nice hot bath. I have heard folks protest that taking a bath is nothing more than stewing in your own filth. One could argue that since the filth is my own, no harm no foul, and being  the bath was around long before the shower, I figure if it was good enough for my distant ancestors then it ought to be good enough for me.

The real question comes with shampoo–wash, rinse, repeat …when does it ever end!

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Writing About Writing Can Cause A Lot of Writing To Be Written Unless Unwritten Writing is Written . . . or Not

Each week I do a number of things, one of which is writing a post for my blog. I make it a point to keep some portion of the post about writing. The rest of the article can be about most anything. I try to keep it interesting and usually lean toward humor. You would be fascinated at the daily goings on that seem so lackluster and still make for intriguing reading.

Look out of your window and without knowing it, you will see a plethora of topics, natural and otherwise, to spin into an article that will catch the average eye.

For instance, the seasons can bring post after post, ranging from weather, summer vegetables, the colors of fall, or winter travel in the snow and ice.

Human nature, and especially the hardware we use today to engage in social media, none more engaging than the cell phone, can be used as fodder for a blog article.

How simple things in the past such as writing with Quill pens, to typewriters, and today’s computers, progressed through the ages.

In short, most any topic can be carefully woven into an interesting story that will entertain.

Have a great week and may God bless.


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Is The Convenience Worth The Aggravation? I’m Not The One To Answer, Being On It Everyday

When I set out to write, be it a manuscript, blog, or what have ya, it always begins with the same task, and that being, crank up my computer. I sit and watch the little blue circle spin at various periods during the start up. On the occasion the mechanical brain is feeling sluggish, I derive great pleasure from watching the little blue circle spin for an extended session.

There are even days when this upright black box attempts to take a vacation. In these cases, I am treated to the little blue spinning circle for an undetermined amount of time.

Then, comes the moment I demand the computer to obey. I hold the power button until the box of irritation goes dark. Waiting a few moments, I push the button, and the computer springs to life, usually working as it should. It has only taken an hour, an inordinate amount of irritation, and the near death of something that is supposed to make my life much easier when it happens to work correctly.

Allow me to segue from my work a day computer to my nighttime lounging apparatus. Why you ask? I’ll have to beg your patience and ask that you continue reading. My bed incorporates an upward tilting head. The lift is great and the bed very comfortable. The mode by which I operate these innovations is a wireless remote. Normally it works well; however, there are occasions I must wait for the remote bed control signal to reach the operational box underneath. No worries, I am treated to a small spinning circle to keep me company . . . it’s a wonder I don’t fall out of my chair from shear dizziness!

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