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Introducing a Character From My Flag Ship Novel

I would like to introduce a character who figures heavily in three consecutive novels (soon to be four.) His name is Ben Adams, and he first appears in my flagship novel, Rising Tide.

Ben is a saturation diver in a dystopian world. His present job has Ben, along with his cohort, cleaning up the debris field from an oil platform. The oil rig, known as Oz, was damaged in a category 6 hurricane.

Here is a small excerpt as Ben makes his monthly excursion from the ocean floor to the surface:

Another blast ripped through the Orion, cutting all power and knocking him to the floor. Ben lifted himself off the deck and found it impossible to stand. He felt his way along the floor, to the COM panel.

“Ben, are you there?”

“Marty! All systems down! All systems down!” he repeated.

“Your umbilical has been severed. Power up onboard support.”

“Understood,” Ben responded. “What next?” he whispered.

With my next post, we will delve deeper into Ben’s exploits as he finds his way through the world of Rising Tide.

Have a great week and may God bless.

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Each Week I Set Out to Write a New Post for My Blog

Each week, I set out to write a new post for my blog, sending it along the cyber waves to a host of readers. “Why?” I ask myself. “For a host of reasons,” I reply. Bored with this conversation I move on, determined to answer this need to blog.

Having written on a multitude of different subjects and no doubt repeated many of them over the years, I am constantly on the search for new topics.

Humor plays a large role when working on a post. I like to think it will open up a smile, a chuckle, and possibly add a bright spot to a reader’s day.

Face it, I’m a blogger and a blogger’s gotta blog, else he aint a blogger. I do take time to pen novels, which is my passion; however, through blogging I have met several unique individuals.

So, I’ll keep plugging away . . . or should I say blogging away, hopefully, in an interesting manner that will keep you wanting to read.

I would like say thank you to an individual using the name of Consumer for their recent review of the second edition of my novel “Rising Tide” on Amazon. Your kind words are much appreciated.

Have a great day, a great week, and may God bless each of you richly.

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The Holidays are Over for Another Year

Well, the holidays are over for another year, least wise speaking of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ timetable.

Thoughts turn a bit melancholy over the loss of the festive holidays, especially Christmas. If we delve a bit deeper into these feelings, we will locate multiple sighs of relief or regret . . . and I mean to the power of ten. These laments come on the heels of money spent and the reckonings of another year before said money will be spent again.

Massive amounts of food, savory, sweet and otherwise, will be missed, along with the massive amount of calories that will be saved. In case, you failed to notice, it is time for the weight-loss commercials to begin.

Another thing, post-January 1st is the ever prevalent New Year’s resolution. These will run the gambit from quitting smoking, alcohol and over-eating, to running, lifting weights and filing your third toenail the second Tuesday of each month containing an “R.”

Being an author, the worst injustice I could possibly impose is literally leaving a character hanging precariously over an abyss for several days. This occurring while I join in the festivities, giving little thought to the life I have chosen to discard.

Pardon me while I shove my head into a closet for the shame of it all.

On a lighter note, I hope your week back to work has been enjoyable or at least tolerable. Remember, if you did not have a job at which to return . . . you would be unemployed and could not have gone in debt to finance your Christmas gifts. See, you win all the way around. 

May God bless you and yours throughout this New Year!    

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2nd Edition Release! Free E Book Available on Amazon Jan. 1

Rising Tide, 2nd Edition release, e book only, free on Amazon, January 1 (follow link below) Print Edition Coming Soon

If reluctant to use this link, then go to  Search Rising Tide, author, Lynn Steigleder. Rising Tide is the first in a three book series with a fourth to follow.

Another blast ripped through the Orion cutting the power and knocking Ben Adams to the floor. Alone in a decompression chamber suspended between the raging category six hurricane above and the habitat below, he sees little hope of survival.

Then he receives a mysterious message: Seek C.7. Ben has no idea what the message means nor whom it came from. This innocuous event points him toward a preordained course unknowingly under the watchful eye of an supernatural forces.

Rising Tide, the first book in the Rising Tide series, begins a dangerous journey of battling evil in a post-apocalyptic world that has been corrupted by the collapse of morality.


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Merry Christmas!

I would like to take a moment to wish my followers and readers a very merry Christmas and most wondrous New Year!

And remember Jesus is the reason for every season!  


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Difficult to Concentrate During the Christmas Season


I find it more difficult to fully concentrate during the Christmas season on my writing with all the holiday festivities and commotion.

First, comes Thanksgiving with a spread fit for a king, queen, and a couple of court jesters. Of course, a minute beyond midnight after Thanksgiving Day, the full-blown Christmas season begins to weigh heavy on our wallets and pocketbooks. This phenomenon known as, “Black Friday” not only pilfers cash, but can be dangerous if you jump into the middle of a fray for the year’s most popular toy.  This yearly quest also begins the, ‘my Christmas tree is bigger than your Christmas tree,’ which leads to, “I have more stuff in my yard than you do.”

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I love Christmas decorations. In fact, my wife dresses our house to the ‘nines.’  She gets it honestly; her parents at one time could light up southwest Virginia. They started with their Christmas light show over the summer, having it ready to illuminate the skies the first of December. People would travel from miles around to view the spectacle, which I will admit, was a sight to behold.

I’ll leave it there until next week, giving me a chance to recover from “Black Friday” even though I did not participate, not even to buy a gift online.

I hope you have the best week you’ve ever had, and remember we’re celebrating the gift of the Christ child who would save the world with his precious blood!

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Explore the Word, Theory

When I begin a new manuscript, the first thing I do is pick a topic. Since I write science fiction, the subject matter most certainly is fiction or some may say, “in theory.” Therefore, I think we will explore the word, “theory,” today.

Now, I could start our exploration as a scientific explorer on a strange world, “theorizing” about the planet’s flora and fauna. Maybe, I would “hypothesize” concerning the layers of strata in the planet’s crust.

Possibly, I should “speculate” about the availability of water. Then, again, perhaps breathable air would be the best “assumption” to make, as air is of greater necessity in the short term than water.

One crew-member may make note that he is of the “opinion” that the soil chosen for landing is not as porous as previously thought.

The ship’s computer may have determined, using an educated “guess,” that seventeen, four-legged, one-armed monkeys would dance a waltz in front of the ship. Due to an uneven number of simians, the odd monkey out would brood until falling asleep from boredom.

Moreover, a mind numbingly ignorant asteroid may “postulate” the entire world will collapse in on itself as the asteroid passes by. Seventeen point three seconds later, this “theory” becomes a reality, effectively shutting down this outlandish post. See, it “seemingly” never hurts to trend pointlessly on occasion.

Enjoy this wonderful season and may God bless.

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I Truly Enjoy Being an Author

I know I have said it many times, but here goes again. I truly enjoy being an author. My main stay is developing characters; the more outrageous the better.  New worlds come into play, and being that I write science fiction, the sky is the limit.

Many novels that I pen begin with every day, mundane, objects or settings. You wouldn’t believe the story one can concoct making a mud puddle center stage.

Creatures can range from avians, with organic jet propulsion, to eighty-foot-tall, twelve-legged arachnids. These critters reside in an acidic fluid that would dissolve any matter, organic or otherwise, upon contact. Beings occasionally appear as an upright shadow, with nothing to cast the silhouette. These anomalies, at first glance, appear harmless, until a hand as black as night enacts its destruction.

The only limits to writing are the ones you place on yourself.

Have a fantastic week and remember Jesus, the Savior, for which we are thankful!


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What’s a Normal Day Like for You?

What’s a normal day like for you? If you’re like the majority of the country, and I imagine you are, it goes pretty much as follows.

You wake up in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock. You start your pot of coffee, put something in the microwave, possibly turn on the blender and then, scarf down your morning meal in front of the television, absorbing the first-edition of the daily news amidst here a ding, there a ding everywhere a ding, ding.

After your shower, shave, and shampoo you move through a plethora of beeps, rings, boinks, and any other sounds you can imagine emanating from numerous devices.

You slide into the front seat of your automobile. During this period, there is no telling the many different devices that will utter some type of noise in order to start, stop, or maybe even self-destruct.

As you drive to work, another wave of noise pelts your eardrums, as you chime in singing to familiar songs on the radio.

You arrive at work, begin the shutdown process of your vehicle, and leave the garage with the final beep, as you set your ride’s alarm so no one can steal your point-from-A-to-B baby.

You trudge through eight hours of work, bombarded with every start, stop, paper-jam, beep, click, bonk and pludge sound available at this point in time.

Let’s face it. We have become so inundated with every sound available in the hearing spectrum pelting our brains day-in and day-out.

One day silence is going to hit us and we are not going to know what hit us (what you have just seen is redundancy in action). They used to call it noise pollution, now I guess it’s what we would term the norm . . .  just saying!

Well, if I don’t know anything I do know this. God loves you and is with you no matter what. Have a great day and give a shout out to the one who created you. He’d love to hear from you!

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Everywhere we Look, We Find a Faux Pas

Everywhere we look, even places that we choose not to look and places that for whatever reason cross our path, we find a faux pas.

We find big faux pas, small faux pas, medium sized faux pas, and big honking mother-lode sized faux pas.

Now, you know the many faux pas that have occurred in your life, and it goes without saying (even though I’m saying it) that you would rather keep these on the down-low. Who knows, maybe you’re an international spy, and the KGB is just waiting for you to resurface, so you can be placed on ice.

Of course, there are less important faux pas we run into every day. Some, we even view without knowing what we haven’t seen.

Take for instance, things that transpire on the silver screen. In the 1960’s, on the comedy series, Andy Griffith, why did the jail cells have no bathrooms? In the lack luster conclusion of the Jaws movies, why did Michael Caine end up in the water and then, immediately climb back on to the ship wearing a dry shirt?

In my case, and the only one that really matters to me as an author, and something I check to see if it’s present, is continuity throughout the book. For example: I can’t have a character named George who is murdered on page 126 and then, turns up on page 286 buying tickets for a matinée.

How ever you try to spin it, mistakes are a part of life. If you never make one, then you’re not doing anything.

God Bless and have a Great Day!

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