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I Resolutely Resolve to Make But One Resolution

In my quest to the perfect New Years resolution, I resolutely resolve to make but one resolution and that resolution will be relatively resolute and resolve resolutely the resolutions that need resolving . . . speaking resolutely of resolutions.

What I’m trying to say aside from all the nonsense is:

Have the happiest of New Years!

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On December 21st, We Will Be Treated to a Rare Sight Termed, “The Great Conjunction of 2020”

On December 21st, we will be treated to a rare sight termed, “The Great Conjunction of 2020,” when Jupiter and Saturn, according to, appear to almost merge. Astronomers are calling this a Christmas Star which hasn’t been seen in roughly 800 years. tells us a triple conjunction, (three great conjunctions in one year) transpired in 7 BC. I find this amazing, as Jesus’ birthday actually took place in June or July coinciding with the three instances allowing for the Christmas Star to appear. What better way for God to implement the appearance of the Christmas Star than to used a natural occurrence, such as the Great Conjunction.

This December 21st, 45 minutes after sunset look into the southwestern sky and perhaps you’ll see the Christmas Star.

Merry Christmas and may God bless!

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Well, I Finally Believe I Have Discovered What and Where This Elusive Race of “They” Reside

Phrases are part of our everyday lives. Why certain phrases have become so entrenched within our vernacular is an oddity in and of itself. For instance, “they say.” If you think about how often the phrase is used, “they say” everything from A-Z. But who are they? For something that demands so much of our attention, you’d think we’d know. Well, I finally believe I have discovered what and where this elusive race of “they” reside.

Thirty degrees above the horizon in the Northeastern sky is Bob’s Nebula, just six light years to the leeward side of the dwarf star liquor to go. Within this bundle of mist floats a semi-circular conference table. This piece of fifth dimensional furniture is constructed from an exotic silver metal, worthy of appearing in any blockbuster science fiction production.

Five ancient, slumped-over members dressed in outlandish garb  belong to a consortium that evaluate phrases and deem said phrases worthy to carry the stamp of approval to be prefaced by “they say.” And, there you have the long and short of it.

The next time you hear or utter those two unmistakable words, “they say,” and follow it with something like, “a frog will boil to death floating in a pot of H2O if you bring the water temperature up slowly,” take a look to the Northeastern sky and remember from where it came.

And by the by, a frog will not hang around in water until it boils, no matter how slowly you increase the temperature, even amphibians are smarter than that.

Have a great week, Christmas is on the way. Stay safe and may God bless!

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I Try to Bring the World to Life, Even Down to the Idiosyncrasies of Each Being That Calls the Planet Home

I know I’ve said before in different posts now and again how much I enjoy writing science fiction, fantasy, and the like. I don’t know if it’s the development of new worlds or characters and beastly inhabitants of the same. I try to bring the world to life, even down to the idiosyncrasies of each being that calls the planet home including what they drive.

I’ll take advantage of this “driving” segue and delve into something that often fascinates me, that subject being, automobiles.

Why automobiles you ask? And I would answer, it’s not so much, classic cars, muscle cars, new exotic cars, or anything of that nature. What puzzles me is why do individuals become so enamored with a particular make.

Such as: I’m a Chevy man and that’s the only vehicle I’ll ever drive. Now, you can run the gambit through all makes, i.e. Ford, Dodge and any other brand that ever rolled off an assembly line. Come to think of it, my Daddy was a Chevy man . . .me, my favorite vehicle is a brand called, Paid For.

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