Just Try it One Time, “Up” is Overrated.

At last I have discovered a single common attribute that as a nation, we can all share. Regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin. This commonality cannot be divided by

Pork chops, cooked and served.

Pork chops, cooked and served. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

physical barriers, be they rivers, mountains, or man-made borders. Having said all of this, I will now introduce this binder of man in the form of a question:

Why, when we participate in culinary ventures, do we constantly attempt to defy gravity?

When we cook meat, we “fry it up.” When we man our grills in order to perform external cooking duties, we “grill it up.” Something as simple as a hamburger or even a hotdog is allowed to take to the air and be cooked “up.”

What would be the harm (just occasionally, mind you) of “grilling down” a thick-cut pork chop? Or perhaps one special Sunday “fry down” that tantalizing standard by which all Sunday dinners are compared, fried chicken?

Just a thought.

Just another thought. What does it actually mean to “lock and load”? It seems to me that after you’ve locked it, it would be impossible to load. By my way of reckoning, it would make much more sense to load and lock.

Actually, the term is said to have originated with the flintlock rifle, where the mechanism had to be locked before it could be loaded. Whether or not this is true, I cannot say. But I have to admit, it sounds pretty good to me, and you’ve got to admit, that when screamed out in an intense battle scenario on television, it sounds even better. Proof that things don’t have to make sense to make sense.

This is not the case when writing. If it were, I could type 80 words per minute with 80 mistakes and still publish my books. So take my advice: When sitting at your writer’s desk, endeavor to make sense where no sense may have previously existed.

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