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Most Everyone Succumbs to a Good Amount of Water in Order to Bathe Themselves.

Most everyone succumbs to a good amount of water in order to bathe themselves. Even characters in the novels I write take time for personal hygiene.

Do you opt for a shower or bath? I, myself, prefer a shower, not that I won’t take a bath now and again.

Some folks claim that bathing is nothing more than stewing in your own filth, and I suppose that bears some merit. Then again, what makes swimming in a crowded pool or soaking in a hot tub with multiple bodies any different? Oh, I know chlorine is involved, but this swim time chemical is not the end all to kill all bacteria.

Even an idiom came out of the need for bathing, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” This came about from the order in which the family took their baths in the 16th century. The bathing hierarchy was as follows: the father, male children, the mother and daughters, and finally, the babies were last. By this time, the water was so dirty it almost seemed possible to lose the little ones in the sludge. Of course, this was just a myth.

Bath or shower, I believe either are acceptable as long as you don’t attempt to substitute the wedding or baby shower for a bath.

Have a splendid week and remember how much God loves you . . . He gave his son!

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I’ve Found that Eight Hours of Mental Labor is Just as Taxing as Eight Hours of Physical Labor

I was blessed in learning how to work with my hands in the field of construction as a carpenter, in residential and then commercial, climbing to superintendent in both. However, I’ve found that eight hours of mental labor is just as taxing as eight hours of physical labor.

Toiling to build a world and its occupants (demons included) is no different from building a house for a family to reside. So, now that we have established two fields that tucker us out, let’s examine the sleep that restores our energy.

I do not believe there is anyone who has never experienced a fitful night of sleep. According to some of our idioms, “sleep like a baby,” makes no sense at all. What in the world has a worse sleep pattern than an infant, two hours up, two hours down?

Then, we have, “sleep like a log,” “sleep like a rock,” “sleep tight,” and “sleep like a top.” I see where none of these commonplace idioms will result in a restful night of sleep.

And, in the tradition of saving the best for last, or in this case, maybe the worst for last, we sing our children to sleep with a violent tune of injury or possibly even death.

‘Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top,

When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,

When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,

And down will come baby, cradle and all.’

No wonder we have an insomnia problem in this country. We’re putting our kids to sleep in the tops of trees and waiting for them to fall out.

Have a great week and may God bless.

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Isn’t it Strange How Small Amounts of Certain Compounds or Factors Play Such a Large Role in the Final Outcome of Many Situations?

Isn’t it strange how small amounts of certain compounds or factors play such a large role in the final outcome of many situations?

For instance, poison dart frogs are some of the most toxic creatures on Earth. The golden variety carries enough toxins to kill 10-20 grown men, being a thousand times stronger than cyanide.

 The Inland Taipan is an Australian snake that the venom from a single bite can kill 100 human beings.

Rounding out the creature feature, the zorrilla is considered the smelliest animal on Earth. A small mammal related to the weasel, it finds itself in good company, since the skunk is a member of the same family.

Now to clean all this mess up, did you know to consider a surface sanitized it must be 99.999% clean? Add five more 9’s and you reach sterilization 99.99999999%.

Just a little something to begin your week, which I hope flows fast and smooth.

God bless you and yours throughout this next week.

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Carbon Paper, White Out, Long Hand, and Short Hand

Back in the day, before modern office equipment was created, secretaries, bookkeepers, and like-minded employees used words such as carbon paper, white-out, long-hand, and short-hand as part of their daily tasks.

The first jump away from the dark age use of these treasures into more enlightened times came with the abandonment of the typewriter and the birth of the word processor. One could actually type and correct mistakes without rewriting the document or making sloppy repairs with archaic materials.

 What would I have done had the aforementioned hardware been the end-all when I began to pen novels? Write a page or two as my career as an author plummeted south?

Indeed, the advent of the computer turned many would-be writers into authors of the highest caliber.

By the same token, many manuscripts were completed that should never have been started. I hope my offerings will end in the realm of the former as opposed to the latter.

Hmmmm…..Here’s one of those strange random thoughts that happen to pop into one’s head that I feel the need to share.

What if we wrote some of the letters of the alphabet as words? For instance, what if we wrote “double-you” instead of ‘w’, “jay” instead of ‘j’ or even “zee” instead of ‘z’?

Just sharing a random thought that flew through my brain.

Please have a great week, and may God bless you richly.

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