Worst Case of Bed Head I Ever Did See!!



This post will ultimately end up asking a question. A question that I’m fairly certain I know the answer to. Regardless, using strange tidbits, flights of whimsy, and mental fabrications to get there certainly taxes the brain and makes the journey a much more enjoyable experience.

Don’t you agree, hmmm?

Of course, the precursor to the eminent question will be a question:

Have you ever heard of someone or seen for yourself, the victim of some horrendous injustice be punished for that injustice, even though they were knowingly innocent?

Allow me to give you an example:

The Medusa we all know and love from Greek mythology actually began life as quite the looker. In fact, she was so beautiful that she hung out in Athena’s Temple serving the goddess (dusting knickknacks and whatnot, I suppose).

All the men in Greece were forbidden to touch her. Poseidon (the god of Water), however, having a thing for the beautiful maiden, fell up into Athena’s crib and had his way (not in a good way) with Medusa right there on the Temple floor–no romancing, dinner, flowers or anything.

Now you would think that common sense would prevail and Poseidon would be held responsible, but noooo… Athena , seeing it as a downer during family reunions, decided it best not to blame her uncle (Poseidon), so she laid the smack down on the rapee instead of the rapist.  Athena took this poor girl and squinched her face up till she looked like she had fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.  And if that wasn’t enough, Athena jobbed a couple handfuls of snakes into Medusa’s head to complete the look. I mean, this girl was so ugly people didn’t have a chance to run away because of a rare condition called “Whirlatwicerockoma,”  or in laymen’s terms–turned to stone. (Talk about making a freight train take a dirt road.)

It’s like walking down the street, getting slugged in the face from out of nowhere, and then going to jail for breaking the perpetrator’s knuckles with your chin.

Now, that I’ve got you all juiced up and ready for the question, first, let me ask you another question.  Did you get upset or even slightly miffed at the fate of poor Medusa?  Do you find yourself becoming ingrained in the lives of characters that you encounter when reading?  Or, do you find yourself fearful for a character when in a battle or dangerous situation?

If so, then you’re just like me.  I even occasionally wonder when I’ve taken a day or two off from writing if my characters were tired of being left in the same position for that length of time.

Now, here’s the question:

Do you ever wonder how you can become so caught up, wrapped around, and bundled into a person that only exists in your mind?

If you ever have the occasion to figure it out, then, please, let me know. With each new book I complete, new characters are introduced. As new characters are introduced, I’m starting to acquire multiple personality syndrome. As the number of personalities continue to grow, I’m running out of room and the food bill is outrageous.  If you feel so inclined, any feedback is welcome.  I’m sure one of my personalities will be glad to answer any question you may have.

Have a nice day.


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