Ever consider stepping outside of your comfort zone as far as your writing is concerned? I enjoy sneaking in little tidbits of sideways information; a lot of which end up in my blog. I’ve always ascribed to the saying, “a bad golf in stormday on the golf course is better than a good day at work.” The more I think about this popular saying; the more I must question my blind following of this bastion of golfdom.

Item one:

Your initial cost to participate in the sport of golf could run into the thousands, taking into account, equipment, attire and lessons.

Your initial cost to participate in work, “a signed check made out to you.”

Item two:

In the game of golf, be it a good or bad day, there’s those pesky green and cart fees.

In the world of work, there are no fees, only “a signed check made out to you.”

Item three:

You’re actually playing a round of golf now. Being a bad day on the golf course, you avoid the fairway in favor of the woods, water, tall grass and goose turds.

Back at work, you‘re taking a break and still drawing, “a signed check made out to you.”

Item four:

On hole twelve, you’ve just lost your ninth ball. Wrap club around ball washer. No matter; couldn’t hit the driver anyway. Blood pressure up 30 points; one step closer to stroke.

Sure must be a good day at work; you just got a raise and a promotion. Wadda ya know, there’s “a signed check made out to you” only, this time, there are more zeros.

Item five:

Seek shelter under tree during thunderstorm.

Back at work, you’re worried about friend playing golf in thunderstorm.

Item six:

Price per round of golf now inflated due to $8000 funeral.

Condolences fly around office along with new mandate–play golf; get fired.

Next day, sell clubs, take up whack-a-mole.

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