Words Come and Words Go. Sometimes They Don’t Go Fast Enough and Linger in Our Subconscious Ready to Poke us With a Pointed Stick When We Least Expect It

soundofsilence It seems nowadays the words we use for positive situations have changed drastically. Words such as BAD, WICKED, SICK, BEAST, and KILLER now impart positive connotations to daily situations.

If that weren’t enough, the phrase “100% ROTTEN TOMATOES” qualifies a movie as excellent.   

Over the years, different sayings and phrases have come and gone. The ones so near and dear to our hearts such as FAR OUT, CHUMP, and BOOGIE make us glad that ‘come and gone’ (emphasis on gone) rings true for slang words.

Then, we have the crème de la crème: the words and phrases to end all words and phrases, such as, RIGHT ON, CATS and my favorite and most assuredly yours, GROOVY.  It seems the word that defies time, is always in vogue, and denotes a positive meaning, is COOL. It’s been around since the 1930’s, which for such a word, symbolizes an eon.

I believe I’ll end on a positive note. Pretty COOL, huh?

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