Fun is Fun; Work is Work; and Anacondas Who Publish Books Tend to Not Know the Difference

It’s hard to imagine everything that goes into publishing a book. Once you’ve completed your manuscript, including rewrites and edits, you’ve conquered your first hurdle.anaconda

Next in the process, is locating a publisher. (Not the easiest task but one that can be attained with a never die attitude.)

Once, said publisher accepts your manuscript, then the fun begins. This is a stressful time but a good time none the less. You could equate it to navigating your way across a river tiptoeing across crocodile backs while being  chased by a horde of cannibalistic pigmies. And in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pride of snoozing but famished lions lounging on the other side. (If you make it past the six thirty-foot anacondas waiting at the water’s edge.)

Like I said before… A piece of cake… Or maybe I didn’t say it, but I was thinking it. You’re included in the final editing. (It’s hard to say goodbye to certain parts of your manuscript, but often necessary.)

I find the most difficult task is composing the back matter, a two-line hook to catch a prospective buyer’s eye and a paragraph to reel him in and seal the deal. And we mustn’t forget the all-important photograph that’s plastered in and amongst all the verbiage.

Then there’s the crème de la crème, the artwork for the front cover. Having input makes it feel like it’s really your own.

All in all it’s a great experience. Even though there’s stress, it’s the good kind. Reminds me of that secluded Indonesian tributary I stopped to bathe in. Don’t know which I enjoyed more–being gnawed on by a couple hundred ravenous piranha or swatting them away with an abundant source of electric eels. Either way, I don’t remember a thing. Lucky the young native boy witnessed it all and pulled me to safety. And on top of all the fun, I managed to drop a few pounds.

Just goes to show ya. Fun can be had in the most unusual of places. So get out there and claim yours now!

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