I’ll Just Do It By Myself

English: Komodo dragon, Varanus komodoensis (R...

Komodo dragon  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I originally started this blog a couple of years ago, the main focus was on writing. That quickly changed for two reasons.

Number one:  There are only so many articles one can pen on the subject of writing. Even if it was possible, I have published over 100 posts and had they all been on the, “how to’s,” and “why for’s,” of writing, I can only imagine that the mind numbingly dull posts would have put me in a coma and driven my readership down to zero.

Number two:  I thought it best to interject tidbits of writing into a forum that would include interesting, unusual, and everyday oddities serving to entertain and possibly even enlighten. I have managed to acquire a following and I cannot express enough how thankful I am that you would take time to read something that I’ve written. I guess what it boils down to is this; if I can write an article that makes someone say, “hmm,” chuckle or just smile, then I feel as though I’ve made a difference.

 Not wanting to interfere with tradition (even if it is my own) I decided to treat this post as any other by finishing with the dinosaurs of our day.

The Komodo dragon, although a fascinating creature, packs a nasty bite. It kills large prey by biting its victim and then following the meal for days until bacteria from the dragon’s mouth renders the intended too ill to fight or flee. What I find even more fascinating about this large lizard, is its unusual sexual antics.

Case in point: after our wayward female dragon completes her meal which has taken days to obtain, she may decide to start a family in order to help with the meal gathering duties. Perhaps this individual just happens to be a feminist and therefore, refuses to employ a suitor to assist in the family planning. She states in no uncertain terms that “she’ll do this herself.”

Guess what?  She can!

Komodo dragons are able to produce sexually or asexually. Why anyone would want to have a kid by themselves is a mystery to me. I mean, you’re starting out in a rut. You’ve already lost the seven most important words (according to your mother) that you will need during your offspring’s childhood.

That being……

“Just wait till your father gets home”!

One last question:  how many of you counted the words in the last sentence to make sure there were seven?

I must confess.  I did, too.

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