Introducing a Character From My Flag Ship Novel

I would like to introduce a character who figures heavily in three consecutive novels (soon to be four.) His name is Ben Adams, and he first appears in my flagship novel, Rising Tide.

Ben is a saturation diver in a dystopian world. His present job has Ben, along with his cohort, cleaning up the debris field from an oil platform. The oil rig, known as Oz, was damaged in a category 6 hurricane.

Here is a small excerpt as Ben makes his monthly excursion from the ocean floor to the surface:

Another blast ripped through the Orion, cutting all power and knocking him to the floor. Ben lifted himself off the deck and found it impossible to stand. He felt his way along the floor, to the COM panel.

“Ben, are you there?”

“Marty! All systems down! All systems down!” he repeated.

“Your umbilical has been severed. Power up onboard support.”

“Understood,” Ben responded. “What next?” he whispered.

With my next post, we will delve deeper into Ben’s exploits as he finds his way through the world of Rising Tide.

Have a great week and may God bless.


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