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Many are the Building Blocks for a Good Novel

Any idea of how many types of crystals are growing around us? . . . And yes, I mean growing. For many of the crystalline varieties are edible, and even necessary for good health, i.e. salt and on the other end of the spectrum, sugar.

If you equate the number of stories available as a resource, this would easily keep the average writer going through multiple careers, especially with crystals that never stop growing.

Many new story lines would present themselves allowing the author to expand upon the overall story, even as he writes about the daily conditions within his ever-changing world.

I’ll have to admit this would throw a monkey wrench in the way we write now, but take a few minutes to ponder this notion, wouldn’t this produce a provocative, thought bending way to approach the written word? . . . Just saying. Although I don’t believe it would work for me.

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If My Brain Could Speak, I Would Be Astounded for Within My Head there Is Naught but Cobwebs and a Detour Sign

As you well know, I just released my latest novel, “Eden’s Wake.” As I sit in my writer’s room, I ponder, “What next?”sci fi writing

What do I do after spending seven long years perfecting (tongue firmly planted in cheek) my latest novel?

Please allow me to tell you. In between all my rewrites, I was able to complete a third book in the series which came together much easier than the second. Perhaps this was a gift from above due to all the glitches (once again tongue firmly planted in cheek) or moreover disasters (tongue quickly removed from cheek) I experienced in “Eden’s Wake.”

For whatever reason, I was indeed grateful, so I began the fourth. After about a third of the way into the fourth novel, I felt a need to pull away from the series and pen a stand-a-lone book.

This one also was a comparatively easy write considering my past experiences. This was a break of sorts from the fantasy, adventure, mystery type genre to, more or less, science fiction with a bit of a western twist.

I also decided to start a short story group on my Facebook account. I publish a story about once a month. This, I’ve really enjoyed. The stories are, of course, short, fun to write and usually end with an upside down twist that sometimes I don’t expect. (If you think that last sentence was a bit confusing, try to imagine what’s flying through my head right now.)

I shouldn’t have to mention my blog, because that’s what I’m writing now. But you know what I’ve determined? I ain’t right. I mean something must be seriously wrong with my thought processes to do the things I do.

Luckily, I’m not dangerous, just a cuddly little nut job. What makes this process so fulfilling are the readers and followers I am able to connect with. Thank you all. Until next week…

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