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Some Things You Can’t Even Find in Lost and Found

I’m a pretty average guy but have managed to do a lot of different things. My passion is writing and I’ve published four novels with numbers 5 and 6 in the works. I’ve traveled the United States and seen some amazing sights. I have dined on some weird stuff and enjoyed most of it. I’ve played lead guitar in rock bands from classy hotels to dumps that didn’t deserve a title that prestigious. If there ever was a soulmate, I married mine. I built a log cabin and cut my own timber frame. I know it’s not a grandiose excitement filled life, but it’s been a lot of fun. The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is a statement I’ve heard for years, “I’m going to find myself.”

It seems to me, that one glance in the mirror, along with a twenty-four hour period alone, that you’d know all about yourself that there is to know especially since you’ve been bouncing around in this body for years up to this point. What it boils down to is if you haven’t found yourself by now, either you’re not worth looking for or you need to enlist some help in your search . . . just sayin.

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