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I Was Able to Experience a Substantial Section of the Country, and Sampled a Variety of Regional Cuisine.

During sixteen years of employment with a pharmaceutical company, I was able to experience a substantial section of the country, and sampled a variety of regional cuisine. I visited the East, West, and Gulf Coasts and much of the country’s interior.

I was a foodie, and worked tirelessly improving my dishes, especially the classics, i.e., Beef Wellington, Eggs Benedict, Grilled Whole Maine Lobster, Spanakopita, and Mussels with a white wine reduction, butter, and garlic over fettuccine.

During my travels, I was able to nosh on more exotic species, such as sea urchin, alligator, ostrich, and wallaby. There is one thing I have a hard time wrapping my head around, and that one thing is, an oyster. I love these bivalves, whether fried, steamed, or raw. I just can’t understand how someone, years ago when mollusks were being considered as a food source, would pop open one of these cold snot balls and decide it looked good enough to eat raw.

Have a wonderful week, and do yourself a favor, slurp down a few raw shellfish. It’s a great pickup for the mid-week doldrums.


God bless!


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