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Is it Now or is it Then? I Can Never Keep Them Straight

I guess I’m doing what authors do when it comes to hurry up and wait. To clarify, I am waiting for my latest novel, “Dalon Con – The Essence of Time,” to return from its second trip to the editor. Once this series of rewrites and edits is complete, the manuscript will take a journey to my publisher, while I once again hurry up and wait resigning myself to the publishing process.

This process causes me to rare back in my chair and ponder the meaning of life. As I ponder, I notice an antique shelf supporting a speaker. This one glance at said antiquity causes my thought process to move in that direction.

We clamor for every technological advance that comes down the pike. It could be a phone or the latest in e-book readers. Perhaps it’s the new personal computer or then again, it may be a doorbell button that mounts to the wall beside your front door on the outside of your home. This doorbell initiator does much more than ring a bell on the inside of your house. This button also comes equipped with a camera to let you know who is standing at your door waiting for you to appear or lets you know if they have devious intentions.

Once we gather all the new gadgets we can, we live our lives in technical bliss until we see a unique antique. It is then we begin to swoon over the aged object and long for the good ole’ days. Depending on your desire to own antiques you may begin to collect these beautiful old symbols of yesteryear.        

And there you have it, we bounce back and forth in time desiring bobbles in the here and now and trinkets from our past. I guess in this way we can truly experience a form of temporal travel.

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