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Hush Up That Snoring Then Get Over Here and Eat

Well, here it is again. That day of days that comes, but once a year. Not just once a year, but once a year in the same month (November) and on the same day (the fourth Thursday). What you ask could be this day? Why naught, but Thanksgiving, where we gorge ourselves on fowl, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, breads, all manner of vegetables, candied yams, cakes, pies, and many more delicacies too numerous to recall. And what do we do after finishing this great feast?

We take a nap, not because of the tryptophan in the turkey as the tale goes, but because of the huge amounts of food we throw down our neck.

Leaving a puddle of drool to mark our bedding down area, we arise to feed again. It’s much like the instructions on our shampoo bottles, wash, rinse, repeat. And just like our shampoo, we may repeat these instructions as many times as we like each day. These meals usually take the form of turkey sandwiches and whatever is left from our lunchtime ritual. Then one day the bird and all the fixins have been consumed not to be eaten again for another year.

Personally, I think we should take a hint from the fare served at the first Thanksgiving. From what I understand, turkey was a no show, but that opens the door for what did make an appearance at this extravaganza which was lobster, oysters and clams. Kinda makes you wonder what happened in the translation of recipes from then til now.

What outshines the food no matter which century you’re in, is spending time with family and thanking our heavenly father for the bounty he bestows on us each day.

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Why We Were Are Where We Is…That Being Said, More or Less, Says It All

Think of what an intriguing and entertaining book you could write if it was possible to become any animal you wished for a bald eagleday.

 Maybe you would decide upon the majestic bald Eagle, the noble symbol for these United States of America. Perhaps it would be the turkey, a bird that Benjamin Franklin entertained instead of the Eagle.

 Truth be told the turkey is stealthy and quite possibly, its cunning may be unequaled in the avian kingdom; while the Eagle will feed on any and everything, including carrion. But for my money, I’d rather have a junkyard dog with gritty sharp mouth and talons of steel on my side than a wrinkly old college professor.

 Have you ever wondered about the sea critters we so enjoy to crunch and munch? Perhaps a crab living on the bottom of the sea.

 All of a sudden, the dual clawed dumpster-divers most common food item plops down in front of him (the cackle flappa-cronis) ready for a fight. In layman’s terms this beast is known as ‘the chicken wing.’

 Once the crustacean ensnares the wing, the crustacean himself is ensnared. He lands on the dock and immediately begins the sideways ritardo strut, straight into the crab house hot tub.

 How about that luscious lover of golden liquid just begging for a ride from the depths (where it dines on microscopic delicacies and moves about in tandem canvassing the cold seafloor) to a bowl of butter near you? I’m talking of none other than our friend, the majestic king crab. This jaunty long legged fellow’s IQ is so above board that I will attempt a rendition of what is known in crustacean circles as “jiggle to the Jacuzzi.” A little ditty that goes like this:

 Pad-dukey-duke, Pad-dukey-duke, dukey -dukey-duke, splash!

 We’ll do one more.

 Just for the sake of argument, let’s say you have decided to become  a mayfly for a day. It would go something like this:

  •  Crawl from the water and dry your wings.
  • Fly off in search of another you, only with different equipment.
  • Find said she-fly and begin procreation.
  • Complete illicit act of creating illegitimate children, have cigarette, and then die.

Even though you didn’t enjoy 24 hours of life, you did your part in assuring the continuation of your species.

Wow, what fun we’ve had today pretending–much too much fun for any one small group to keep to themselves.

I know! Next week invite your friends and will do it all over again.

Be sure to eat all your meat and I’ll see you again real soon!

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Gobble, Gobble; Cluck, Cluck; Quack, Quack. Doesn’t Matter as Long as It’s Good

A Thanksgiving survivor

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, cranberry sauce, family, friends and football.  Put these together and what do you have… a 4th of July picnic, correct?

 No, of course not, it’s a super bowl party… I think I’m wrong again.

 I’ll refrain from this silliness. We all know I am speaking of Thanksgiving–that time of year when families come together to eat themselves into a class A-1 stupor.

 Needless to say, this post has nothing to do with writing other than I’m writing this post.

 More importantly, Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for the things in our lives that make us truly thankful for what we have.

 In 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and since that time I have realized so many blessings they’re impossible to count.

 To begin, our church built a ramp and a roll-in shower at no cost to us.  I’m on a special diet and one of the ladies from the church cooks all my meals and another friend cuts our grass.

 Friends visit, call and build things that I come up with to make life easier or to assist with exercising.

 My mother and sister are down each week to help any way they can.  My son works but takes a day to spend with me so my wife can go into work; other days we are blessed that she is able to work at home.  I have an aunt that comes down to type for me and an uncle that sleeps while she does so …. and makes hot tea.  My step-daughter used to type until another little blessing began to take up too much of her time.  That little blessing would be my grandson (and I say this with no bias) he is the cutest and most adorable child in the entire known world.  My stepson works constantly but will always take time to help us out if we need him. Even my in-laws who live five hours away have made it a point to help.

 I myself have found that a person who was full of pride and thought he carried no baggage happened to turn around and notice the three mile long train full of baggage he had been pulling all these many years.  I always thought of myself as a totally self-sufficient human being. What  a rude awakening when I could no longer make it on my own.  It was then that the pride began to fall away.

 Now my wife:  What can I say about a woman who has stuck beside me when many would have run.  She treats me with unbelievable kindness and patience.   She works normally seven days a week.  Takes care of me twenty-four seven.  Sacrifices sleep and any time for relaxation and yet greets me with a smile and a kiss throughout the day.  I certainly don’t know what I did to deserve such an angel but I thank God every day for this blessing.

 What better way to summarize than to tell you where all these blessings have come from.  I am so thankful I have a God who loves me enough that He would take the time to correct me as a good father corrects his children and I am floored to think He would send His Son to die in such a horrible way so that I might spend eternity with Him.

 This makes me think of my son and I know deep within my heart that I could not sacrifice him for anything.

 So enjoy that turkey leg and especially your family but don’t forget where they all came from.

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