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I Was Able to Experience a Substantial Section of the Country, and Sampled a Variety of Regional Cuisine.

During sixteen years of employment with a pharmaceutical company, I was able to experience a substantial section of the country, and sampled a variety of regional cuisine. I visited the East, West, and Gulf Coasts and much of the country’s interior.

I was a foodie, and worked tirelessly improving my dishes, especially the classics, i.e., Beef Wellington, Eggs Benedict, Grilled Whole Maine Lobster, Spanakopita, and Mussels with a white wine reduction, butter, and garlic over fettuccine.

During my travels, I was able to nosh on more exotic species, such as sea urchin, alligator, ostrich, and wallaby. There is one thing I have a hard time wrapping my head around, and that one thing is, an oyster. I love these bivalves, whether fried, steamed, or raw. I just can’t understand how someone, years ago when mollusks were being considered as a food source, would pop open one of these cold snot balls and decide it looked good enough to eat raw.

Have a wonderful week, and do yourself a favor, slurp down a few raw shellfish. It’s a great pickup for the mid-week doldrums.


God bless!


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Which Way Did I Go? Which Way Did I Go?

lostI’ve never considered (until now) writing a self-help book. It came to me out of the blue. I was sitting at my computer entertaining the idea of writing a self-help book when it hit me, What do parents with graduating high school kids want most? They want more for their children then they had, i.e. a college education and a good career. They also want to obtain these ideals for their kids at the best price possible.

What do parents with children who share their desires dread hearing more than anything else? “I want to take a year off, travel around Europe and find myself before starting school.”

I guess that’s something I’ve never understood. I want…or better yet, need to find myself.

There are easy…nay, simple ways to accomplish this almost immediately without busting ma and pa’s savings.

If you don’t believe me, look in the mirror. Well, I’ll be, there you are. Now, if you step away from the mirror and become lost again, then, you need a lot more help than I can supply (not that I’m qualified to offer any assistance in the first place).

If you still feel the need to “find yourself,” then don’t blow loads of your mom and dad’s cash traveling through foreign countries. There’s no need to travel any further than the bathroom, and you’ll always know where you are.

So get lost, you bother me.

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