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Hot Monsters, Hot Peppers, Hot Salsa. Will This Hot Mess Ever End?

I decided to take a break from penning my latest novel, Dalon Con. The story is set on a world called Burrus Plax. It’s a sci-fi/dystopian/fantasy/action adventure hybrid with a heavy dose of time travel.

I was taking this short hiatus from work to indulge in a bit of nourishment. My personal assistant, Brenda, disagreed with me on the amount of salsa that should be scooped into the chip of a similar name.

First, let me explain my need for an assistant. It’s not because I think I’m some highfalutin pretty boy what needs some varmint to get their hands dirty for them. (Kinda reminds you of Yosemite Sam, don’t it?) The fact is, I woke up with a touch of Multiple Sclerosis this morning and needed some help typing (among other necessities).

Now, let’s get back to the important thing at hand. I am a lover of hot stuff when it comes to food. I chose to eat a rather hot salsa, so when it comes to plunging my chip into the fiery liquid, I tend to dip conservatively. My assistant, being unable to ingest foods containing capsaicin, is of the opinion that a scoopful should be just that, a scoop that is full.

Coming to the conclusion that we would have to agree to disagree, Brenda and I crept back into a world full of hair curling, nasty mega-monsters, time snatchers and a dystopian landscape . . . but alas, no capsaicin.


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Too Much Time, Not Enough Time, Time After Time, Time And Time Again, C’mon Makeup Your Mind

I am working diligently on my latest manuscript. I write mainly in the science fiction and fantasy genres; however, this is the first time I have delved into the concept of time travel. Now, there’s a lot of things one can do bouncing from this time to that time, time after time. I suppose one could smack one’s own self upside the head if one had a notion to do so.  

My manuscript, I must admit, has a tendency to drive me a bit crazy. If there were only a few characters  this would not be the case, but keeping even a moderate amount of imaginary actors in their correct timelines can be a daunting task. It’s extremely easy to add another layer of difficulty to the mix when you write as I do. Some authors outline their entire book chapter by chapter before they begin writing. Me, I fly by the seat of my pants. It gives me more freedom to take off on an undetermined tangent which brings my book to life. In this way, along with my help, the book writes itself. So the next time you look at your watch, wall clock or sun-dial, imagine yourself in a different time setting even if it’s just relaxing in front of the television later that night. Me, I just may end up on a peaceful island reeling in a plethora of exotic fish. We never have enough time so use it wisely.

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If Napoleon’s Mother Mailed a Letter to Waterloo, I Bet it Wouldn’t Have Cost Fifteen Bucks to Mail and Possibly Never Gotten There

4955406_f260Do you remember the “Back to the Future” series of movies? One of my favorites, I’ll have to say. What if you could travel to the past and live your research for that historical novel you’ve always wanted to write? Perhaps you could take a jaunt into the future and write an amazing factual sci-fi thriller? The possibilities are endless.

You could even place yourself in the annals of history. Let’s say you sneak into Napoleon’s tent during the battle of Waterloo. You dispatch short stuff, take over his command, and accept the sound thrashing from General Wellesley. (This coincidentally is where the name Beef Wellington is derived.)

Return to a point in history just to be defeated, you ask? Why certainly, I say. Why not have your name among the great leaders and unforgettable (except for Napoleon) victors the French can boast…wait a minute. The French never won a war…there was the battle that they fought against themselves…I don’t know, maybe they called it a draw. The last time I checked, if you Google “French Military Victories” you’ll be asked, “do you mean French Military Defeats?” Who knows, but it sure makes great fodder for a blog. So let us continue.

How about that futuristic, factual, sci-fi thriller?

A lot of folks (including me not so long ago) thought the postal service was run by the government. In fact, they are completely funded by the monies they collect from the sale of stamps. Please let me pause at this juncture to mention that I believe the USPS does an outstanding job. Can you imagine having to receive, sort and deliver the billions of pieces that travel through the postal system each day? I realize a portion of this process is automated, but to mail a letter or package one day and have it arrive several days later across the country is mind boggling. My hat is off to you USPS!

Now back to our story.

What if the postal service was taken over by the government? I would imagine total anarchy would soon follow. Packages couldn’t travel between businesses in under a month even if the businesses in question were across the street from each other. A letter would cost $14.99 to mail within its state of origin. No doubt 400 to 500 pieces of mail would make it to their destination (not necessarily the correct destination) each week. All in all, what the average person would term as a stellar success for the well-oiled governmental machine. I guess we’d have to change the genre from science fiction to horror.

Please take a minute and allow me to shudder.

I’m too upset to continue writing, I think I’ll dunk my head in the toilet several times to bring things back into perspective.

Well, here come the nightmares again……..

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