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I’d Like to Think There’s a Line to be Crossed; Only We Keep Moving the Line

It’s odd how sports are held in such high esteem worldwide. Take the Super Bowl for instance. We set our sights on that one day in February months earlier when the NFL season begins around Labor Day. After sixteen games and several rounds of playoffs, the two teams are decided.

This year it was the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49rs. I’ll have to admit it was a great game, regardless of the victor, but after the game was over what was left? A moment of glory, then several days later, all was forgotten.

This year we had an added bit of controversy; that, being the choice of wardrobe for the halftime show.  Some have no qualms with the lack of coverage and the general movement of the dancers . . . I tend to disagree.

It seems we are losing our sense of modesty more and more each year. Young girls and teenagers see this as something they must obtain, when in fact, it’s pulling them down. There’s already a craze in this country to lose weight, putting unrealistic pressure on our entire society. I don’t mean to belittle anyone, but being a parent I wouldn’t want my little girl on national television scantily dressed and moving in an unbecoming manner.

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Interplanetary Sports, in General, Lack the Hoopla Afforded the All Important Fifth Down…At Least, That’s the General Consensus

The super bowl will be here tomorrow. It’s gotten to be quite the celebration. It’s the day the most pizzas are eaten and holds the dubious record for domestic disturbances. alien football playreA commercial costs more than I’ll make in my lifetime and speaking of commercials, some people tune in just to see the new advertisements unveiled.

The pregame show begins a week or so before the game and this year we already have an under-inflated controversy. Then, there’s the halftime musical show with dozens of pre-picked screaming meemies jumping up and down to this year’s guest star.

Not only pizza’s, but think of the beer, chicken wings and chili consumption. All in all’ it sounds like a pretty good time and just think, some folks will even pay attention to the game.

What if an author were to outline his next project using the super bowl as a template? (We will, of course, be writing in the science fiction genre.)

Weeks ahead of the book being started, the author would hem and haw about what could be, what should be, what won’t be, and what will most likely have the slightest chance of what will be.

Day number two: scratch day number one and redesign in reverse.

Day number three, develop plot: On the world of Patrot (the only deflatable and inflatable planet in the galaxy), King Bilbel and Prince T-Brad were preparing for the yearly contest against their rival.

Day number four: The world of Seahack was just as busy preparing for the contest but also making travel plans for Patrot. King Petcar and Prince Russwill were running their team through their paces.

Day number five: The Seahack Leons arrive at the Patrot Bartmucks Stadium. Competition is stiff even though the game has yet to start. Just making their way to their accommodations endangers life and limb. Each squad is pummeled with cooked cauliflower and wet newspapers.

Day number six: Cancelled due to lack of interest.

Day number seven: Only three days before the big game. This will be the bowl of soup CXXXLVII (167). King Bilbel and Prince T-Brad are searching for their thirteenth football bat. They want to make sure it is properly inflated. The impact once the bat contacts the ball-o-the foot is of the most importance.

Day number eight: King Petcar and Prince Russwill are disguised as large pieces of cooked cauliflower and wet newspaper in order to follow King Bilbel and Prince T-Brad to make sure they practice proper foot hygiene to protect them from cauliflower and newspaper rot.

Day number nine: Now that we have the perfect outline for our novel we are ready to write the next best seller.

You may want to talk with your agent before you actually begin penning this manuscript. Mental incompetence may play a large role in your advance. Not to mention, the ability to perform simple tasks such as bathing, feeding and dressing yourself.

In conclusion, please try to remove the silliness from your brain and enjoy the super bowl.

In my opinion, their over-inflating the under inflation.

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I Wonder If Fish Get Headaches….

Are you a sports fan? If so, what your game? Football, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball, NASCAR. Or maybe even hunting or fishing. I know I’ve omitted a number of popular sports, but you get the general idea.concussion

 I’d say that football is more than likely one of the most popular in the United States. It would be my first choice as a spectator sport. As far as an activity for participation, in a word, fishing floats my boat. (pun intended)

 Since this just happens to be that special time of year when everyone gets together to celebrate that singular occurrence that we all wait for with great anticipation, wait for it, wait for it, here it comes, it’s almost here, just another second, it’s finally here!… striped bass fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina… Oh yeah, and the Super Bowl. Let’s just take a few minutes to explore some of the similarities and differences between the two.

 1.) When fishing you can catch a buzz with a beer.

 2.) In football, you catch that buzz with a concussion.

 3.) The fisherman brings his rod back in preparation for the long cast.

 4.) The quarterback drops back in preparation for the long pass. (see line number 2)

 5.) The fisherman attempts to outwit his quarry with hooks, rigs, lures and bait.

 6.) In football, brute force is used to power through the enemy lines. (see line number 2)

 7.) A good day on the water rewards the fisherman and family with a delectable meal.

 8.) A good day on the gridiron rewards the participants with another day of life and of course (see good ole line number 2)

My first passion would be writing, just ahead of salt water angling in the surf at the beach. Come to think of it, it’s been quite a few years since I tossed around the ole pig skin.

 Guess I’m just a big sissy who likes to eat fish.

 Always remember: give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll set out in a boat and drink beer.

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