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Kindergarten All Over Again

I find different situations whether in life (as we all do) or in the niche, I have carved for myself in the world of writing. In both of these instances, I am bound to deal with people or in some cases beings that are anything but human. As we all can attest to, age is not a sign of maturity. Throughout my career as a construction superintendent, I dealt with more than my share of overgrown babies. I would prepare each morning to attend romper room. Not to say this behavior was the norm, but it only takes one.

Isn’t it a shame, as we look around this world we see the same thing. We are inundated with grown children who just can’t get along, and these aren’t just little tiffs, they the affect large numbers of people. It’s time to get out of the sandbox, little ones and quit throwing sand at each other.

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