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Rush: A Great Rock Band, but Not a Way to Live

A typical speed limit sign in the United State...

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Have you ever paid attention to how fast the world moves?  If not, step back and take a gander. If you see what I’m seeing, then tell me why we’re in such a hurry.

No sooner did I hear that once you exceed 60 mph your gas mileage suffers that the speed limit bounced up to 70 mph.  It seems to me that we are cutting our own throats to get somewhere a little quicker when all we had to do was leave a little earlier.  Of course, driving slower seems to upset those who would rather leave later, resulting in a rise in road rage. This whole scenario leads to a conundrum that could be avoided if we all just went the equine route. But then again there’s all that methane, the global warming thing…let’s skip that and move on. Quickly now, don’t dawdle.

Where would we be without the microwave?

Probably better off. We would have avoided all the processed, pre-packaged containers that slide into the magnetron so easily. The biggest disadvantage I find with the microwave is the way it cooks meat. Yes, it admittedly cooks it jet fast (which is what this blog is about), but the downside is that it’s nearly inedible. Yet we still use the microwave on a daily basis, sacrificing taste for convenience.

Take something as simple as a picture.  Nowadays we press a button on a digital camera, pick out the pictures we like, print them off and viola! You have photos ready for your album in a matter of minutes.  Now I’m not old, but I do remember snatching up my 35mm, snapping up a reel of 24 photos, rewinding the reel, removing it from the camera, placing it in a paper bag, filing out all of the pertinent information and tossing it in the mail. In a week, I may have prints to look at, that is if something didn’t go wrong during my picture taking session or in the developing process. If something by chance did go awry, I would end up with a package full of blank 4×6 index cards. They don’t exactly support that warm and fuzzy feeling of instant gratification we expect nowadays, does it?

Let’s all just slow down and take a deep breath. Relax.

Why not get a big glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and come over next Sunday? Sit on the front porch, just sippin’ and enjoying the day (after church of course).

I’m honestly thinking about penning a novel with pen and paper!

…Nah. I don’t want to slow down that much.

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