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My Mouse Needs a Battery

I begin a day of writing by reaching for the mouse. In short order, I discover said mouse is unresponsive and in need of a battery. Moving to retrieve a AA dry cell, I pause; then reclaim my seat.

As thoughts bombard my cranium, an all too familiar noise wafts through the air. Shaken, I glanced toward my animated cell phone. Could it be another battery-operated device taunting me for a charge, not to mention the cordless, landline telephone?

My brain continues to fill my overflowing, anxiety level. We just changed the car battery; perhaps we should contemplate an electric car? I think not at this particular juncture in time, for it seems my lawn mower is battery powered, along with our weed eater, hedge trimmer, and power tools. I’m not yet ready to upgrade my electrical power to accommodate a charging system.

I glance to the right and can’t believe my eyes. My Dragon head phones and blue tooth also have a need to be charged.

Will this ever end? Our bed controls are cordless. Our T.V. remotes (we need two) require batteries. On our bedroom wall, hangs a battery that we use to power a lift.

I can’t take much more of this; my temperature is rising!  Please help me–my thermometer is battery-powered. Monitors throughout the house are powered by . . . Dare I say it . . . what choice do I have . . . BATTERIES! Other medical equipment, including a blood pressure cuff is battery powered. Our laptop and iPad . . . well, you know.

Even, my toothbrush requires an occasional charge to keep my teeth sparkling clean.

I give up. I guess our A.C. world is slowly changing to D.C. Why fight it? I best stock up on batteries, cause they’re on the way, if not already here.

Have a wonderful week and may God bless!

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Is The Convenience Worth The Aggravation? I’m Not The One To Answer, Being On It Everyday

When I set out to write, be it a manuscript, blog, or what have ya, it always begins with the same task, and that being, crank up my computer. I sit and watch the little blue circle spin at various periods during the start up. On the occasion the mechanical brain is feeling sluggish, I derive great pleasure from watching the little blue circle spin for an extended session.

There are even days when this upright black box attempts to take a vacation. In these cases, I am treated to the little blue spinning circle for an undetermined amount of time.

Then, comes the moment I demand the computer to obey. I hold the power button until the box of irritation goes dark. Waiting a few moments, I push the button, and the computer springs to life, usually working as it should. It has only taken an hour, an inordinate amount of irritation, and the near death of something that is supposed to make my life much easier when it happens to work correctly.

Allow me to segue from my work a day computer to my nighttime lounging apparatus. Why you ask? I’ll have to beg your patience and ask that you continue reading. My bed incorporates an upward tilting head. The lift is great and the bed very comfortable. The mode by which I operate these innovations is a wireless remote. Normally it works well; however, there are occasions I must wait for the remote bed control signal to reach the operational box underneath. No worries, I am treated to a small spinning circle to keep me company . . . it’s a wonder I don’t fall out of my chair from shear dizziness!

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