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Dudes Don’t Let Other Dudes Call Dudes “Bro.” I’m Just Saying


dudeWe all know that books are usually dialogue driven or nudged along by the storyline. Which one tickles your fancy? I’ve never overly thought about my style of writing. It seems the common sense approach works best, i.e. if your characters are talking in a conversational manner, you’ve got yourself a mess of dialogue. By the same token, if they’re doing stuff with their traps shut don’t go tossing words into their mouths; it’s storyline time.

I guess you could say, it’s a personal preference about how you want to put the giddy-up in your masterpiece be it gabbing, doing, or a little bit of both.

I can’t help but imagine some of the reality-based TV shows made into novels. (Talk about turning the tables) Can you imagine one driven by dialogue? I believe it would go something like this:

“All right, dude, you go wait in the upstairs bedroom with your cameras, equipment and whatnot. You two dudes spread out around the house with your remote cameras and don’t forget the basement. I’m gonna hang right here, so call out if you see anything… All right dudes, to your positions.”

“Hey, dude, I heard something.”

“What did you hear, dude?”

“I don’t know, dude, but it was something.”

“Duuude! Did you see that?”

“No, bro, I’m in the basement.”

“Hey, dude, you didn’t say dude.”

“Sorry, dude, I was keeping it real; keeping it fresh.”

“Stick to the script, dude, we put a lot of time into that piece of paper.”

“Wait a minute, dude, did you hear that?”

“I heard something, dude. It sounded kinda like some dude saying something.”

“Let me rewind the recording dudes… Okay, dudes, here it is.”

“Hey, dudes, this is the dude from the other side that said something. Get out of my house dudes; you’re creeping me and my dudes out.”

You get the idea and I think we’ll all agree. Nuff said.

Thanks for taking time to read the ravings of a mad writer.

Until next week, keep it real dudes!


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