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Writing as With Everything Good in my Life Originated from Above

  I think back over my writing career and ponder how it came to be. Sure, there’s the short version I put in all my bios, about losing my job of sixteen years and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my son suggesting I give writing a try, but it’s much deeper than that.

I was raised in a Godly home, yet strayed in my late teens. I married in my mid-twenties, which in most ways was a mistake; however, received a wonderful blessing, my son. Even though my diagnosis came in 2006, I can look back and notice symptoms as early as 1993. I continued to move through life, remarrying in 1997. If there was ever such a thing as a soulmate, then I had found mine. Melding two families together was one of the greatest challenges my wife or I had ever faced, but with the help of God, we managed to not only make it through, but also grow our love for one another and our children. Health wise things took a turn for the worse. I ended up in the hospital for a month, part of which I was close to death. Over the next six months, I spent subsequent weeks back in the hospital. Slowly things began to improve. A year ago, a heart valve problem put me back in. I ended up on a ventilator, then they found the problem. They performed surgery to repair the valve, and I began the long path to recovery. I am in a wheelchair, but feeling good and optimistic about the future. I look where I am now, where this journey began and continue to marvel at the process that brought me here.

I could not conceive why so many negative things were happening to me. I learned it was because I was seeing a small part of the process, where-as God could see from beginning to end. Sometimes the only way out is through. Once I made it to the end of the journey, I thanked God for everything I had been through; for without the trials I would have never experienced the many blessings, I have received, the best being a  relationship with Jesus. Not only does it give me a more abundant life here on earth, God has a fantastic retirement plan.

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Ah Yes, It’s a Dog’s Life For Me

As a boy and a young man, I always owned a loyal canine. I guess through the years of losing four-legged friends and not wanting the responsibility of taking care of another living creature, I decided no more after my last pooch passed. I was still fond of the noble creature but found that fondness drifting to being fond of what I coined “OPD’s” or other people’s dogs. It’s kind of like the grandchildren of the canine world. You pet them for a while then back to their owners they go.

I’m the opposite of my personal assistant, and yes, I need an assistant because of this guy in a white lab coat who jabbed me in the back with a needle  I could’a spit an olive pit through, then shoved me into a tube two sizes too small that commenced to sounding like someone was pounding on a pipe with sledge hammers, cinder blocks and jack hammers. Then he had the nerve to tell me I had multiple sclerosis. This made my fingers hopping mad, so they went on strike… but I digress.

My assistant owns four dogs. Each one visits their veterinarian more than most children visit their pediatricians. They eat special food and have luxury accommodations for napping. These animals are considered special-needs, four-legged children. One has colitis and the other is a diabetic. She’s still typing, but giving me the “stink eye,” so nuff said.

I remember as a child our dogs would receive no more medical treatment than a rabies vaccination and live a long healthy life well into their teens.

It’s a good example of “the more things change, the more they stay changed.” Not to be confused with “the more they stay the same.”

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Spread the Word!

Author Fair 2007

Author Fair 2007 (Photo credit: Homer Township Public Library)

I’m attempting to start a viral campaign centered around my first novel, “Rising Tide.”

Due to a physical disability caused by Multiple Sclerosis, I am unable to go on book tours or visit book clubs. As much as I’d like to, I just can’t attempt to sell my book the conventional way.

So I am doing something that many folks struggle to do: I am asking for your help.

In lieu of touring, I am aiming to spread the word via online action and social media. This is where you come in.

Would you consider helping me build a grass-roots movement by spreading this message to others? Share on Facebook and Twitter, post comments, leave reviews, spread the word. It’s completely up to you how you share it.

For more information, you can view the book’s official trailer here, and you can purchase a copy via Amazon here. My book is also for sale at a variety of online book sellers, including Barnes & Noble.

Thank you for taking part in this literary experiment!


Lynn Steigleder


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Cob Webs and Dust Bunnies

When was the last time you swept cobwebs out of the corner or dust bunnies from under the bed? If you’re like me, it’s either have the wife do it or never. This will be one of the few  and possibly the only serious or semi-serious blog you will see from me.  In November 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Two months later I was notified my department was closing and I was losing my job. Needless to say these were not the most glorious months of my life, but we got through them just the same.

Since then, I have begun writing.  I have one published book and am working on the fourth in a series that stems from the first. I am taking a break to begin writing a book on how to deal with chronic illnesses or at least how I have coped with my diagnosis. You see, I refuse to say that I actually have the disease. I am not in denial. I will just not allow it to take control in any way over my life. I do have limitations but consider them just a little inconvenience.

My wife has a caregiver blog on Word Press, also.  She will be writing several chapters in our book. I am a Christian and would ask for prayer so that this book may help others who struggle each day. Now, you are probably wondering what’s with the cobwebs and dust bunnies? One thing I have learned is that we have two choices, to cry or to laugh. I choose to laugh and at the risk of offending some people, I tend to make fun of and am very irreverent towards the disease.

Such as, I came up with two Olympic sports; the dust bunny obstacle course and my favorite, the three meter fall and crawl. Now, if you are thin-skinned and what I have written has offended you, I am truly sorry but I make no apology for showing the disease the lack of respect it deserves. As far as the cobwebs go, they just kinda fit in with dust bunnies and since they don’t get much in the way of recognition, I thought I would give them their few seconds of fame.  Who knows, if I run for office one day, I bet I’ll have the collective dust constituency all wrapped up.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and I plan to post many more.


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…was how the spider introduced herself to Wilbur in E. B. Whites’, “Charlotte’s Web,” that along with, “The Enormous Egg,” was my introduction to the wonderful world of literature… oh!…and I mustn’t forget, “James and the Giant Peach.”   Now that I’m older, my literature preferences have changed but my passion still remains and even that has taken a different direction.  You see, I went from a carpenter to a published author………………………(I’m pausing so that you can fully appreciate my accomplishment)………………………………..Okay.  I’m done, now back to my introduction.

First I’ll tell you a bit about myself.  I’ll skip the first forty-some years and get down to the good stuff.  In 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  As if that wasn’t enough fun, two months later, I was informed that my department was closing and I was losing my job of sixteen years. In the months that followed, I began a drafting business that was going gang-busters.  I was working fourteen hours a day.  When the economy tanked, so did my business. ( Side note: if you really look for good stuff, you can find it anywhere.)  Thank God for a sense of humor!  It will get you through some of the darkest times.

Now for the really, really good stuff…….

On a fishing trip with my son, he made the off-handed remark, “Dad, why don’t you try writing?”  I had written several short-stories years before.  He was in high-school at the time and into creative writing himself.  Something clicked and I began penning short-stories after we returned home.  (In case you were wondering, we didn’t catch any fish.)

Now you have to understand, I have the patience of a beer guzzling monkey with a three-hour wait at a port-a-john.  So when I begin a story, I wanted to hurry up and finish it. That’s why the thought of writing a novel never crossed my mind until the idea of “Rising Tide,” (which is the name of my first published novel) popped into my head.   It took me four months to write, about eight months or so to edit and re-write, all with the help of my (lovely) wife who is typing this for me now.

When you have delved into the world of writing and publishing and marketing, not to mention agents, it’s enough to send you running and screaming in the opposite direction, but since I can’t walk anyway, I stayed there against my better judgement.  You see most publishers will not accept unsolicited manuscripts.   Which means now we get to throw another pile of castings into the can of worms by trying to find an agent.  Now to make things even more interesting, most agents do not want to represent writers unless said writer has been published.

Exit to my saving grace……..I found a publisher who was more sympathetic to first time authors (I say sympathetic because by this point, sympathy is needed with my sanity hanging by a thread).  This publisher receives thousands of manuscripts a year but only accepts a few.  I submitted my manuscript March of 2008 and against all odds had a contract by May of that same year. It took a year  to edit, develop front and back covers, and interior designs. “Rising Tide” was finally released April 2009.

So that’s my story up to this point; or at least part of the story, since I’m now working on my forth novel.  I’ll be using this blog to tell the rest and create more in the weeks and months ahead.  I look forward to making new friends and having some fun along the way.  I invite you to share with me as well.

Your buddy, (even though you may not know it yet)


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