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The Holidays are Over for Another Year

Well, the holidays are over for another year, least wise speaking of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ timetable.

Thoughts turn a bit melancholy over the loss of the festive holidays, especially Christmas. If we delve a bit deeper into these feelings, we will locate multiple sighs of relief or regret . . . and I mean to the power of ten. These laments come on the heels of money spent and the reckonings of another year before said money will be spent again.

Massive amounts of food, savory, sweet and otherwise, will be missed, along with the massive amount of calories that will be saved. In case, you failed to notice, it is time for the weight-loss commercials to begin.

Another thing, post-January 1st is the ever prevalent New Year’s resolution. These will run the gambit from quitting smoking, alcohol and over-eating, to running, lifting weights and filing your third toenail the second Tuesday of each month containing an “R.”

Being an author, the worst injustice I could possibly impose is literally leaving a character hanging precariously over an abyss for several days. This occurring while I join in the festivities, giving little thought to the life I have chosen to discard.

Pardon me while I shove my head into a closet for the shame of it all.

On a lighter note, I hope your week back to work has been enjoyable or at least tolerable. Remember, if you did not have a job at which to return . . . you would be unemployed and could not have gone in debt to finance your Christmas gifts. See, you win all the way around. 

May God bless you and yours throughout this New Year!    

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