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If You Thought You Were a Character Who Thought They Were You, Would the Character Think You Were Wrong or Would You Think You Were Right? Personally, I’m Thinking You’re Both In Need of Help.

58542183-literary-classics-and-fictional-characters-dreamed-up-by-a-childThis is an odd question, but do you ever consider personalities? Okay, have you ever considered your own personality? Now it pretty much goes without saying that we all consider other people’s personalities, whether good or bad.

It’s kinda like Jesus when He said, and I paraphrase: remove the plank from your own eye before removing the speck from your neighbor’s eye.

I guess you’re wondering what this has to do with anything. Well, I’ll tell ya. Do you feel that you pass on your personality traits to the characters in your books? You would almost have to, to some extent.

It would also depend in which genre you chose to write. In my case, I write science fiction, fantasy, action adventure and now, I’m in the middle of a children’s book for my grandson. Go figure.

I certainly hope the attributes I pass on to my characters are basically good, although I know that’s not necessarily the case.    I have loads of nasty, and downright mean, characters threaded throughout my writings. I wouldn’t be surprised if a sliver of me found its way into some of these creatures. Or perhaps I’m writing in this fashion, looking for a way to express the feelings that I don’t possess…Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So in conclusion (since I’ve determined I’m not a ghoul), maybe examining your writing would give you an inside look at yourself and save loads of money on therapy.

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Care, Even If It Doesn’t Exist, Offer It Something to Eat, and Care Some More

We all need food, correct? You know what satisfies your tastes whether you desire a full meal or are just in the mood to nosh.

Now, let me ask you a very important question, “If you’re a writer do you afford your characters the same luxury?”

Think about it. Does your protagonist and comrades get three squares a day? Or, are they forced to live off tree bark and grubs because you forgot to set them down to a meager meal?plain jane and beefcake

Oh, you’re all for the actions scenes, the violence, the mayhem, but give them a little snack to provide an ounce of energy to perform up to your expectations, and it’s Katie-bar-the-door. Far be it from anyone to interfere with keeping your antagonist and his cronies fat and sassy. They dine on the fineness cuts of meat, pulling pints of grog, and just generally acting unacceptably.

Then on a world far, far away a beautiful lady hooks up with Mr. Beefcake while Ms. Plain Jane (you know the homely Cinderella type) cleans sewers and lives off pre-chewed apple cores. She spends her down time swooning over Mr. Beefcake, until one day Miss Beautiful Lady is run over by a trolley just as Ms. Plain Jane is crawling out of the sewer. Beefcake and Plain Jane’s eyes meet. They kiss, marry that afternoon, and live happily ever after. (On this particular world, ever after means two and a half weeks) Miss Beautiful Lady recovers from her injuries and is relegated to clipping toenails for a penny a piece in a town called Schwump.

Does anyone remember the poor, downtrodden survivors of the Calistian Finger Fungus of 2953? I believe it was in the Ajax Nebula on a small planet called Plim. The inhabitants were unable to use their finger guns to hunt imaginary prey due to the fungus attacking their index fingers. (Which everyone knows is the most intricate part of the X7300 finger assault pistol) During this disaster one unfortunate Plimosian lost his fingernail trying to beat his gun barrel back into shape. I don’t recall the author of this particular book, but he should be beaten severely about the helmet and breastplate, for leaving his characters in such a pickle.

Now I know this seems a bit severe, but if we as authors do not take proper care of our creations, then who?The home for imaginary characters, retired, or otherwise cannot handle another thought.

So man up authors, take your responsibilities seriously, or lay down that pen.

There is another way. Send $19 USD each month (care of my website http://www.lynnsteigleder.com) and I will send you a mind’s eye picture of a character you will be helping.

Please don’t let another nonexistent character slip into nonexistence, especially when they didn’t ask to be brought into nonexistence in the first place.

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