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What legacy will you leave?  In the eyes of humanity, will it be an insignificant contribution unworthy of the slightest consideration or a grandiose event, celebrated yearly, to commemorate your life and the many you inspired–some merely by your presence?

I would like that it be said of myself that I loved God with my all, that I was a loving husband and father; I was true to my friends; I traveled through life with a smile; and I helped those in need. WOW! Talk about a tall order! It would seem as difficult to accomplish this goal as the latter in the first paragraph of this article–yet would reap the same reward as the former…How odd, to do so much to attain so little…or is that really the case?

I guess that depends on where your priorities lie.

As an author of fiction I seek to entertain; however, I also feel the importance of choosing my words carefully. After something is in print, it’s there forever and regret has the tendency to loiter where it’s not wanted.  When asked about my writing style or what  my books are about, I  pause and think a moment because I really don’t know. I  coined the phrase SCI-FADSTERY which means Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and Mystery (and usually some romance here and there).

With the numerous genres I utilize, it gives me the opportunity to write in a manner that I deem acceptable or to delve into a realm that may seem more inviting but in truth clouds the story that I wish to tell.

I’ve heard people say in many different situations, “It won’t matter in a hundred years”…but you know…somehow I think it will.


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