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Lawn Mowing and Weed-Eating are Coming to a Halt

It’s getting to be that time of year in my part of the country, where the leaves change colors, falling off the trees, save for evergreens. Vegetable gardens cease producing items such as: tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, melons, and numerous varieties of peppers unsuitable for anything other than warm weather. Lawn mowing and weed-eating are coming to a halt. Wild and man-cultivated vegetation become dormant.

One bounty we’re able to plunder is root vegetables: beets, carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, turnips, and onions, along with a few hearty above ground vegetables (peas, kale, leeks, and collards.)

With a little work, we can keep home-grown produce coming in, pretty much all year long.

Unless you make your living in landscaping, isn’t it nice to know you have a seven or so month pardon from using a lawn mower or handling a weed-eater?

Of course, there’s always raking leaves or snow-blowing that will need doing . . . I guess there’s no end after all, but aren’t we blessed to have a yard to mow, walkways to shovel, and driveways to blow?

Take good care and enjoy God’s blessings. They’re everywhere!

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Green, Green, Green, Green . . . Ain’t it Beautiful!

With spring comes a renewal of life. Green leaves replace the dormant grey. Beautiful flowers in an array of colors, and home gardens at the ready to supply fresh vegetables. These wells of life feed us through the summer and well into the winter if you so choose to freeze or can your home-grown bounty.

Another plus or minus, depending on how you view it, is the rebirth of our lawns. Some love the Saturday task of mowing, weed eating, edging, and all the other pleasantries that go along with lawn care. Others simply dread it.

We were introduced to an older gentleman who does lawn care for a living. His prices were so reasonable, we couldn’t help but give him an opportunity to prove his ability to cut, clip, and trim. He did an excellent job and has been with us for several years, now. Other than his work, what I really admire about this man is his honesty. He comes out each week to look over our yard. If it needs work, he does it. If not, he doesn’t go through the motions  just to fill his pockets, he leaves and returns the following week. Not only does he care for our yard, he cleans our gutters, hauls our trash, and will do pretty much anything we ask. If you know of someone who could possibly do the same for you, give them a chance…they might just surprise you.

Have a great week and may God shine upon you and your family.

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Let Me See You Roll This Up And Smoke It

It’s time to gas up the lawnmowers, string up the weed eaters, oil the hedge trimmers and sharpen, grease or otherwise, fix any other lawn maintenance tool you may own. Then again, if you have a mind to purchase each of these appliances in a gas-less model you can forgo the petroleum based fuel and slap a fully charged battery into the power slot.    

“Is it that time of year?” you may ask.

“Why, yes, it is,” your neighbor, might say. “The time has come to beautify your lawn, for the next 3 to 4 months.”

For some, grooming the lawn is no small task. At the proper times, they aerate, fertilize, seed, water, cut, weed, trim, water, edge, re-fertilize, re-seed, water, and repeat each week until frost. Then, there are others (me being one) that never plant a grass seed, but cut and weed-eat the greenery that has taken over their lawn. Usually, these lawns contain a wide variety of weeds, but it still looks pretty good to me.

Lawn care has come a long way since its conception. A scythe, which is what was used to gather wheat, could be employed to knock the height off the vegetation around the house. Then, the reel type mower came along in the early 19th century, which could be pushed over the grass making a bad job slightly less so. I remember my father using a sling blade to trim the grass since a weed eater, as far as I know, had not been invented. Many times, we don’t realize how good we have it, especially when we’re tooling around on that hog lawn tractor.

There is one thing I don’t believe I’ve ever included in any of my writings, and that is  the lawn. Hmm . . . don’t exactly know how I’d fit one on another world  . . . maybe I could . . . no that wouldn’t work . . . how about . . .?


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