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Things Seldom Conclude The Way We Originally Planned

It’s fun to glance back and remember, but more interesting to investigate what has happened in our past; for things seldom conclude the way we originally planned.

Case in point: I was a year or so into my first marriage, had just begun a new home, and would soon be blessed with a baby boy. On top of all this, and not yet knowing my wife would be carrying a son, I was on the lookout for an investment.

Referring to the new home, I decided to do the work myself.  Being a carpenter by trade I’d spent years in the housing market and commercial construction, as a tradesman and superintendent. The difference in this project was the end result would produce a log cabin.

When it came to the investment field, I decided to purchase a lot on the Outer Banks. The one thing about land that makes it a good investment is the fact they’re not making any more, so what we have is all we’ve got.

I’ll never forget the words spoken by the real estate agent in North Carolina. “People that purchase land down here really tend to make something of themselves.”

So how did that turn out for me?  I got a divorce, and lost my job. On a lighter note, my child was a delight and I am still proud to be his father, even into young adulthood. As far as the house, I’d have to say, that living in a log cabin is the way to go.

Have a wonderful week, God Bless, and beware the words of a wily land seller, for they may turn and bite!

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