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How Often Have You Been Queried, “Do You Have The Time?”

How often have you been queried, “Do you have the time?” Perhaps you have needed the same information having left your time piece at home. Regardless of the answer, we as human beings have a need to know the time at any given moment.

Back in the day, we used the sun, then, turned to archaic instruments, such as, sundials. Once mechanical clocks came into use, sundials were still used to set the mechanical clocks–kinda reminds me of innovation in reverse.

Let’s say, sundials are no longer used, (in some cases they still are) and we are totally reliant on clocks of today. When the word clock comes to mind, I remember the big round institutional clocks you see in schools, hospitals, etc.

I learned to tell time on a clock with an hour, minute, and second hand. We ,then, evolved to flip number clocks, digital, and now, I have reverted to the round wall clocks with three hands; however, these time pieces are controlled (I assume by satellite) so they automatically reset for daylight savings time and EST. Plus, if its primary function of time keeping happens to lapse, whether slow or fast, it will come to a halt and quickly run through a 24 hour cycle, returning to its normal function once the time difference is corrected.

My latest novel, Dalon Con (The Annihilation of Time) contains temporal travel . . . I wonder if any of my characters were carrying time pieces of any kind? Perhaps, I should go back and search for contraband  . . . nah, if they managed to keep it this long undetected, let’em have it.

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