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One Bug in the Hand is Worth Two in the Mouth…Or Something Like That

june bugI know in an earlier blog, I outlined a children’s book I was writing for my grandson. In this book, my grandson was a caterpillar and I was a granddaddy long legs. In other words, bugs. Although one was technically an arachnid, it’s still a bug.

Now these here bugs in many cases seem intelligent especially when you look at ants, bees and the like. They turn what seems to be chaos into a fully functional existence. This lifestyle operates without a glitch as smooth as silk.

This is actually more of an instinctual function and is present throughout the insect world. Then there comes the few six legged creatures that missed the bus when the gray matter was handed out. These poor individuals would travel the earth in blissful ignorance.

I’m only going to pick on one and that will be the June bug. It’s a large green beetle that flies around during the summer months seemingly going nowhere or doing nothing. In fact, watching one coming in for a landing is something akin to a brick attempting to perch on a clothes line while moving forty miles an hour.

All the information I am offering I have seen firsthand and is not cluttered with other people’s thoughts.

As a lad, I began calling the June bug the stupid bug when I saw one hovering around my house’s foundation. He seemed to want to go forward but didn’t know exactly how. He bumped into the cinderblock, moved a foot or so higher, bumped into the siding, then continued upward driving his head into the siding once again. He continued this pattern until he reached the top of the wall and flew over the roof.

Now if this bug wasn’t stupid when it started this journey, he certainly had mental issues by the time he finished.

If I think really hard (and you can take hard with a grain of salt) the most useful thing I’ve seen a June bug do is hover about a foot off the ground and allow a chicken to scarf him up. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner the chicken didn’t seem to care.

I guess that shows to go ya, stupid is as stupid does and if stupid eats stupid it can still be tasty on both ends. I’ve ragged the insect and poultry world enough for one day and besides it’s time for Suzie to leave.

So, I’m officially done.

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