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Buzz, Chomp, and Plop

I call this a Hummingbird Moth but I don't kno...

Hummingbird Moth  Wikipedia)

You’ve heard the sayings, “stop and smell the roses,” or “stop and smell the coffee.” Ah, the smell of fresh roasted coffee… We are inundated with unique sights, sounds, and smells on this wondrous world God has given us for our home; each one deserving of a novel itself.  Let’s take a few minutes to explore some of the more unusual oddities that may be closer than you think.

First the hummingbird moth:

Also known as the common clearwing, the hummingbird moth is a member of the sphinx family of moths. Their resemblance to hummingbirds is uncanny. Like the hummingbird their rapidly beating wings appear invisible as they hover over flowers, sipping nectar through a long proboscis.

On a side note, the hummingbird has such a fast metabolism that it must achieve a state of hibernation each night to prevent starvation. Their heart rate is around 1,260 beats per minute.

Next the shrew:

The shrew is the smallest of the mammals and like the hummingbird, has an unusually high metabolic rate. It consumes 80 to 90 percent of its body weight in food each day. The tiniest of these creatures is the Etruscan shrew which weighs only two grams. Some species can have 8 to 10 litters a year. The American short tail shrew is venomous, but delivers the toxin through groves in its teeth.

Imagine this voracious animal that must eat its body weight every day. In some cases this animal can be poisonous. The female of the species can bear up to 10 litters a year with male and female alike possessing an all-around nasty disposition. Take this small creature and increase its size to that of a wolf. And oops! Everything from a cockroach to an elephant better look out.

And for the big finish the blob fish:

A native to Australia and New Zealand, this pathetic creature looks like a dissolved rendition of the cartoon character Ziggy. Its pinkish, blubbery body and bulbous nose hang around on the ocean floor just waiting for a dragnet to pluck it off the bottom, driving one more nail into the coffin of extinction. I use to think the monkfish was ugly, but this ball of snot fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, and it’s not even edible…. But then again who would want to.

It just goes to show ya, hummingbirds don’t eat meat, shrew’s can’t fly and “I’m sorry” is about all I can manage for the blob fish..

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