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Maybe a Little Too Big to Wrestle

Have you ever been on a “sickation” where time was spent recuperating in the hospital? I was fortunate growing up living my young adult life and  into my middle age with not so much as a single night spent in a medical facility. . . purdy good, huh? Well, all things come to an end whether they be good or bad.

My first trip to the infirmary came by way of pneumonia. Now, it’s amazing what your mind will conjure up when your body is in a stressful situation. Have you ever heard of ICU psychosis? If not, please allow me to explain the joys of this psychotic condition.

My first stay in a hospital with pneumonia was fraught with wonderful little episodes of ICU psychosis. I will give you a few examples (of which there are many) in an attempt to explain this little slice of heaven.

We moved to a different part of the hospital. I will put my demented spin on what I saw…in the area we occupied, I was staying in a brick home. Within this home sat a silicone dinosaur. I had parked my butt on the back of this large reptilian. My new friend, the dinosaur was slowly absorbing me. At one point, I found myself lying across a toolbox that was mounted to my Nissan pickup.

Imagine arguing with your spouse about moving from something that does not exist (i.e. toolbox). Somethings cannot be done and having to ramble with a lunatic in a hospital ward concerning one of these possibilities is outside the realm of creative thinking.

But, all in all, hospital stays are hard on the patient and the family. Especially, my spouse and loving wife, who never leaves my side throughout the entire stay. God has blessed me in so many different ways and one of those being a wife who is always there for me.

One thing I can always be assured is no lack of material for my novels and the medical miracles that enhance our lives each day we spend on this planet.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll send out another offering next week.

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Writing as With Everything Good in my Life Originated from Above

  I think back over my writing career and ponder how it came to be. Sure, there’s the short version I put in all my bios, about losing my job of sixteen years and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my son suggesting I give writing a try, but it’s much deeper than that.

I was raised in a Godly home, yet strayed in my late teens. I married in my mid-twenties, which in most ways was a mistake; however, received a wonderful blessing, my son. Even though my diagnosis came in 2006, I can look back and notice symptoms as early as 1993. I continued to move through life, remarrying in 1997. If there was ever such a thing as a soulmate, then I had found mine. Melding two families together was one of the greatest challenges my wife or I had ever faced, but with the help of God, we managed to not only make it through, but also grow our love for one another and our children. Health wise things took a turn for the worse. I ended up in the hospital for a month, part of which I was close to death. Over the next six months, I spent subsequent weeks back in the hospital. Slowly things began to improve. A year ago, a heart valve problem put me back in. I ended up on a ventilator, then they found the problem. They performed surgery to repair the valve, and I began the long path to recovery. I am in a wheelchair, but feeling good and optimistic about the future. I look where I am now, where this journey began and continue to marvel at the process that brought me here.

I could not conceive why so many negative things were happening to me. I learned it was because I was seeing a small part of the process, where-as God could see from beginning to end. Sometimes the only way out is through. Once I made it to the end of the journey, I thanked God for everything I had been through; for without the trials I would have never experienced the many blessings, I have received, the best being a  relationship with Jesus. Not only does it give me a more abundant life here on earth, God has a fantastic retirement plan.

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Back in the Saddle

Hello All!

I thought I would try something different, so I spent the last 3 weeks in the hospital in the ICU. After an additional week of recovery, I decided I didn’t much care for the situation I found myself,  so I came home. Another week of recovery and I’m ready to resume my blog, spewing humor and off the wall commentary on writing and anything else that presents itself as suitable fodder.

It’s great to be back.


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