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Pick One Quick, You Never Know if it Will be There Next Year

Occasionally when writing, I am called upon to produce a fictitious celebration or holiday, though as of yet have not produced one quite as unique as the many we reside with each year.

Three months ago I passed through a new ritual entitled, “Christmas in July.” I’ll have to admit I was taken aback, not having this lackluster summertime holiday preceded by, “Thanksgiving in June.”

Of course, we mustn’t forget The Great Pumpkin and all of the candy that failed to arrive during the month of May’s, “Halloween.”  

Wait a minute . . . does this move “Easter” back to March, or February (since this sacred holiday is sometimes celebrated in March) or does it stay where it is, being there is plenty of room left on the calendar?

Ya know, there is one thing I never understood. What does Jesus hanging on a cross to save us all, have to do with a bunny rabbit that lays eggs? Even though I have heard several explanations or theories if you will, I’m still unable to reconcile the two.

There’s not much that can be done to alter New Year’s Day, of course I don’t doubt someone will try.

Meanwhile, take advantage of tonight and the chocolate toxic syndrome reserved for you and the little ghosts and goblins who occupy your abode. Happy Halloween!

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Gimme This, Gimme That, Shove That Hot Dog Down My Neck and Don’t Forget The Spicy Mustard



Since the holidays are so close, I’m considering penning a periodical for each holiday as they approach.

Now, if you give this a small amount of forethought, you’ll immediately realize that there’s a problem. This problem, I have noticed, has become more prevalent the last twelve months.

Cinema graphically: Christmas began in July on one network playing one Christmas based movie each weekend until the holiday is here.

Commercially: Ads (although sparse) began in September.

So, someone tell me; how do I disseminate my periodical on Halloween when dead, naked, frozen turkeys command the airways?

By the same token, at the time these frozen gobblers should be dancing across the stupid box, the airways are clogged with a fat man bellowing “HO, HO, HO.”

There is no distinction between the holidays. From October until January 1st, we are inundated with “buy this, drink that, buy more, inhale fat.”

By January 1st, we’re sick from the last three months, sick of the last three months and what have we accomplished?

Allow me to tell you. We’ve upped our credit card debt; we’re bordering on morbid obesity; and we’re thirty percent dumber for doing this.

One of my pet peeves is the statement, “Happy Holidays.” Where this came from, I’ve got a good idea but will keep my mouth shut. The correct term is, “Merry Christmas.” December 25th was set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. So, come on, folks, let’s call a spade a spade.

I guess I’ll nix the idea of a holiday periodical. It would be too confusing during this time of year in which we attempt to cram tons upon tons of questionable choices into our already crowed lives.

Maybe I’ll concentrate on the 4th of July, the birth of our nation, hot dogs, hamburgers and my favorite, sausages.

Now, I’ve got a plan and I’ll begin with a grilled bratwurst and a half a dozen sparklers.

All I need from you is, “How do you like your burgers, medium rare?”

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Gobble, Gobble; Cluck, Cluck; Quack, Quack. Doesn’t Matter as Long as It’s Good

A Thanksgiving survivor

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, cranberry sauce, family, friends and football.  Put these together and what do you have… a 4th of July picnic, correct?

 No, of course not, it’s a super bowl party… I think I’m wrong again.

 I’ll refrain from this silliness. We all know I am speaking of Thanksgiving–that time of year when families come together to eat themselves into a class A-1 stupor.

 Needless to say, this post has nothing to do with writing other than I’m writing this post.

 More importantly, Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for the things in our lives that make us truly thankful for what we have.

 In 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and since that time I have realized so many blessings they’re impossible to count.

 To begin, our church built a ramp and a roll-in shower at no cost to us.  I’m on a special diet and one of the ladies from the church cooks all my meals and another friend cuts our grass.

 Friends visit, call and build things that I come up with to make life easier or to assist with exercising.

 My mother and sister are down each week to help any way they can.  My son works but takes a day to spend with me so my wife can go into work; other days we are blessed that she is able to work at home.  I have an aunt that comes down to type for me and an uncle that sleeps while she does so …. and makes hot tea.  My step-daughter used to type until another little blessing began to take up too much of her time.  That little blessing would be my grandson (and I say this with no bias) he is the cutest and most adorable child in the entire known world.  My stepson works constantly but will always take time to help us out if we need him. Even my in-laws who live five hours away have made it a point to help.

 I myself have found that a person who was full of pride and thought he carried no baggage happened to turn around and notice the three mile long train full of baggage he had been pulling all these many years.  I always thought of myself as a totally self-sufficient human being. What  a rude awakening when I could no longer make it on my own.  It was then that the pride began to fall away.

 Now my wife:  What can I say about a woman who has stuck beside me when many would have run.  She treats me with unbelievable kindness and patience.   She works normally seven days a week.  Takes care of me twenty-four seven.  Sacrifices sleep and any time for relaxation and yet greets me with a smile and a kiss throughout the day.  I certainly don’t know what I did to deserve such an angel but I thank God every day for this blessing.

 What better way to summarize than to tell you where all these blessings have come from.  I am so thankful I have a God who loves me enough that He would take the time to correct me as a good father corrects his children and I am floored to think He would send His Son to die in such a horrible way so that I might spend eternity with Him.

 This makes me think of my son and I know deep within my heart that I could not sacrifice him for anything.

 So enjoy that turkey leg and especially your family but don’t forget where they all came from.

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