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Beer Googles…..No Thanks, I Have My Own…..But a Pair of Ear-Plugs Would Certainly Do the Trick

If you take the time to think about today, as opposed to yesteryear, in the context of your own life, you’ll notice quite a bit of growth. At least “growth” is what we hope to see and certainly that of a positive nature.beer fishing

Some people grow very little, comparatively, because they were mature as children through puberty and into adulthood. Not that they never made a mistake–it’s just that their mistakes were more like, “Oh no, my library book is overdue,” or “I’m ten minutes past curfew.”

That being the right hand meant there was plenty of room for a multitude of left hands. If you were a left hand, it didn’t matter if you were a mature child or mature through puberty. Once you hit young adulthood, your mistakes included words like: bail, full coverage and “what do you mean you’re two weeks late?”

I was somewhere in the middle. Had a good childhood, made it through puberty, but when I reached young adulthood, I embraced an unequaled love for the great outdoors.

For instance: I was especially fond of drinking beer on the back porch. The front porch was as equally enjoyable; as was the tailgate of my truck, the woods, sitting on the well top eating crabs, and just about any place my rear end would fit was a good place to sozzle down the suds.

Several years earlier, I learned of a whole new world–the wonderful world of fishing. Wait a minute… Why not combine the two? Now I was literally beside myself with joy. One of me was drinking and the other fishing. The next major discovery was of a place where the water contained salt, larger fish, and things called waves. These were special places; places that required extended travel and room rentals for overnight stays.

What a revelation! This meant I could actually take my suds swilling, rod reeling, show on the road, and take it I did.

Now, during this time that I like to refer to as “fermentation enlightenment,” another beast was rearing its rather attractive head. This particular beast arrived on the scene with its name forever sewn into its tighty whitey waistband–that name, “rock ‘n roll.”

You see I had started playing guitar at age 11, and to the best of my figuring why not incorporate this, “rock ‘n roll” into the fold. So what do you know, now I have a reason to guzzle that golden beverage on the inside.

First, you get together with friends who are of a similar mind but play different instruments. Once you have begged, borrowed and pilfered your way through musicians of the same caliber, you will eventually hit that magic number. This magic number I am referring to is the amount of bodies needed to play all the necessary instruments which enables you to refer to yourself as a “band.”

Now you can begin that long journey down the road to rock stardom. I learned early on that there were two paths to achieve this goal. Dedicate yourself to the craft, work hard, practice hard, live rock ‘n roll and maybe one day, you’ll make it; or pound down enough of the golden beverage so that you’re oblivious to the way you sound, which in turn means you’ll never make it, but you really don’t care.

Guess which one I chose… You got it… Bottoms up!

That’s just the way it goes. Sometimes in life even though we strive for mediocrity, we’re unable to reach that lofty goal.

Thankfully, somewhere along the line (before my liver packed up and moved into a retirement home) the golden beverage transformed into ionized water and green tea.

Writing is my passion, but on a cool clear night, if I listen closely I can still hear my Les Paul whine as my fingers sizzle down the ebony fret board…….Nah, it’s just the neighbor’s cat.

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Bed Head?

Caffeine Attack

Caffeine Attack (Photo credit: serafini)

What is your morning drink of choice? For that matter, what do you drink whenever you need a “pick-me-up?”

Let’s explore the possibilities. We have the tried-and-true standby: coffee. Back in the day you would put coffee grounds into a metal pot, fill it with water, and watch it perk into the glass knob on the top as it sat on the stove burner.

Then came the advent of instant coffee. Mix a teaspoon with water, dispense your favorite additives and enjoy.

Then came ADC (automatic drip coffee). Fill a container lined with a filter with coffee grounds, allow water to sift through into a carafe and enjoy multiple cups. Now this is where many of us have found a home. We set our pots the night before so that our coffee is ready when we are, to partake of its energy-rich sustenance.

Seemingly overnight, a new breed of we’ll call “coffee-holics” have popped onto the scene. They have taken the ingestion of a common roasted bean to new, caffeinated heights. The ultimate of which are coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of a cat, been retrieved from its excrement, and then brewed into a beverage that I would gladly bypass in favor of water from a mud puddle.

Next, we have the majestic tea leaf consumed by Chinese royalty and western commoners alike; in fact, it can be had in a veritable cornucopia of different flavarnoid-laced colors.

Which of these afore mentioned beverages would provide a better burst of energy for that mid-afternoon slump, you ask?

Once again, let us explore the possibilities. A regular cup of coffee contains about a 130 mg. of caffeine. A shot of espresso about 50 mg. Remember, the darker the roast the less caffeine it contains.

When it comes to tea, white 25mg., green 30mg., black 60mg. Two highly consumed liquids that I failed to mention are soft drinks 30mg., and new to the scene the energy drink 200 to 300mg.

We need energy to help us through each day, by the same token your writing must remain energetic. Beware of lulls and circumstances where your characters find themselves in mundane situations that bear no relevance to the story. Boredom is one of the quickest ways to lose your readership and have your book collect dust, unread on the shelf.

Yawwn….well that’s enough for now. I need something to drink. I’ve just about bored myself to sleep.


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