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It’s That Time of Year . . . Enjoy!

Have you ever seen Christmas decorations? Consider that a rhetorical question, because of course you have.

Have you ever seen the movie, Christmas Vacation? That question is a little more problematic because you may have, and for the sake of this blog, we will assume so.

Imagine taking the premise of the movie, moving it inside, then replacing the lights with other Christmas paraphernalia. So many in fact, you couldn’t swing a dead mouse without hitting one of many Christmas decorations. This I will proudly say is my house.

I owe this holiday hoedown to my lovely wife. She labors from Thanksgiving until done, starting each day as early as possible and working late into the night. To the amazement of all, especially the grandchildren, this labor of love is completed long before Christmas to be enjoyed by all. My wife also manages to do quite a bit with lights, garland, Christmas trees, deer and an elaborate Nativity scene, all elegantly arranged on the outside of the house and throughout the yard. She loves Christmas and best of all, we share a bond of closeness that is centered around God. Let me sign off by saying, “Have a very Merry Christmas and may God bless you in the upcoming New Year!”

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Being Close to Those You Love Can Take Many Forms. Allow Yourself the Freedom to Remain Open to them All

I know I’ve written about this subject before, but the beautiful colors outside this time of year lend it to countless more.

One of my favorite places is the beach. This time of year, my favorite beach would have to be Cape Hatteras, along the banks of North Carolina. As I also must have mentioned in a previous post, my son and I would take a trip this time of year to surf fish for drum, blue fish and the occasional striped bass.

What I have failed to say (and this accounts for all trips as we would make three a year) was the closeness that it brought us as father and son. We’ve had a wonderful relationship from the time I held him in the delivery room until now, but the trips we took (which began before his teenage years and lasted well into his college days) were special in many ways.

During our down time from the beach, we would watch movies, concerts (our favorite band, RUSH) and cook gourmet meals.

Over time he has accumulated a wife and a son who is a bit over one year. We’re still as close as we ever were, if not closer. I pray that my boy and his son have the same relationship that his father and he has. And the little one better watch out. I have already fallen in love with him and PaPa loves hugs and smooches. I can honestly say, family is where it’s at!!

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The Great Thing About Grandchildren Is More Grandchildren

One thing that rings true in life is how important family can be. Even when I write, whether on purpose or by happenstance, family will enter into the story. I am blessed to have a six-year-old grandson, a two-year-old grandson, a one-year-old grandson and a granddaughter that’s still in the oven. On top of that, we adopted a family of five, a husband, wife and their three children. This gave us a twelve-year-old grandson, an eight-year-old granddaughter and a nine-year-old granddaughter.

These six children are six different blessings in their own right.

The six-year-old is a savant. He was teaching himself the Russian and Mandarin alphabet at the age of three, knows all the states and capitals, the periodic table of elements and all the countries of the world by their flags. He also loves to break dance.

Our two-year-old grandson envisions himself to be the amazing Spiderman and can do a mean impression of the incredible Hulk that is adorable. He loves his dogs like brothers, has become addicted to Hotwheels, and loves the water.

The youngest just turned one, which means his warranty just expired. He loves to smile, laugh, and carry on all manner of nonsense. He’s just beginning to walk and will reduce a normal adult into a blithering idiot trying to make him react to their antics.

Our twelve-year-old is two IQ points from being a genius. He calls me PaPa as do all the other children. He is definitely a carnivore. Knowing this, one of his Christmas gifts I gave him was pre-cooked bacon. It was one of his favorites. He has a microwave in his room and can nosh on pork belly to his heart’s desire.

The nine-year-old grand-daughter is the aspiring artist one minute and the daring adventurist the next.  If she’s not out climbing the nearest tree or trying out a skate board, she’s drawing a masterpiece, trying out a new instrument which she learns by sound, or using her sweet voice to join her beautiful Mom in a song.  She’s talented beyond belief.

There’s the amazing, adorable, eight-year-old who sees the world as one big rainbow full of love and sunshine.  She loves everyone and everything and laughs at the slightest reason. Everyone who meets her loves her and is inspired by her love of life.  She has multiple medical struggles but nothing stops her and she is a blessing to all who know her.

Then, there’s the one yet to be discovered whom I already love as well.  She’s negative 3 months, due in October and already giving Mom a hard time.  Ultrasound has her looking like her big brother and kicking up a storm.  Can’t wait to meet her.

Grandchildren, just another one of Gods great blessings!

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