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You Best be Gettin’ a Pencil with an Eraser on Both Ends Before You Start This Mess

boybookHave you ever thought of writing or perhaps have written a book with illustrations? No, you say? Well allow me to impart a small amount of insight (no matter how misguided) to you.

If I haven’t said this before and I know I haven’t, this is a children’s book. First, you write the story portraying in your mind’s eye how the characters will look and act.

Then, you find an out-of-work illustrator. Mine just happened to be my best buddy, the Sooz, aka Suzie. She has commiserated with me on several books usually as a typist. When I found out she was an outstanding drawer of stuff, I commissioned the Sooz to assist me in my endeavor.

I wrote the story, then she began to make preliminary sketches. We finally came to the point to begin marrying the concepts together.

It went something like this: How about this? Okay, but with this. Erase, erase, redraw. Like this? Kinda, just more like this. Erase, erase, redraw. Is this more what you’re looking for? Yes, though I’d make this shorter. Erase, erase, redraw. This? Exactly…well, this part should probably be a tad smaller. Erase, erase, redraw. That’s it!

Now, that was drawing number one. It’s kinda like washing your hair. Lather, rinse, repeat in a never-ending cycle of lather, rinse, repeat. This continues until forever ends.

Then, you take the smallest book you have ever written and attempt to reconcile the generations that have passed that will never have a chance to read this eight page long testament to your writing career.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m a bit melodramatic, but you take an hour’s worth of lather, rinse, repeat or more correctly, erase, erase, redraw and see what analogies you come up with.

It’s been fun, kids, but now I must see what other conundrums I may want to dive into the middle of.

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