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I Try to Bring the World to Life, Even Down to the Idiosyncrasies of Each Being That Calls the Planet Home

I know I’ve said before in different posts now and again how much I enjoy writing science fiction, fantasy, and the like. I don’t know if it’s the development of new worlds or characters and beastly inhabitants of the same. I try to bring the world to life, even down to the idiosyncrasies of each being that calls the planet home including what they drive.

I’ll take advantage of this “driving” segue and delve into something that often fascinates me, that subject being, automobiles.

Why automobiles you ask? And I would answer, it’s not so much, classic cars, muscle cars, new exotic cars, or anything of that nature. What puzzles me is why do individuals become so enamored with a particular make.

Such as: I’m a Chevy man and that’s the only vehicle I’ll ever drive. Now, you can run the gambit through all makes, i.e. Ford, Dodge and any other brand that ever rolled off an assembly line. Come to think of it, my Daddy was a Chevy man . . .me, my favorite vehicle is a brand called, Paid For.

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Trucks, Trucks, Trucks. . . . Need I Say More? Probably, But I Won’t, Unless The Notion Strikes, Like It Just Did, This Could Go On Forever, So I’m Done

You’ll find me working on a manuscript, writing my weekly blog or busy marketing my previously released novels five to six days each week. My latest offering, Dalon Con (The Annihilation Through Time), is due for release in late fall.

Occasionally, my mind tends to wander and on this day, for some reason, chose to wrap around automobiles. I remember as a child my father was a staunch Chevrolet or GM man.

Through my years on this beautiful earth, I have run into men and even women who are steadfast in their desire to own a particular brand of vehicle–the big three being Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. There are also those who swear by foreign makes, such as Toyota and Nissan. (I should mention as I write this post my focus is mainly on trucks)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but as with many things, people can become rather obstinate if you behave negatively toward their chosen make of vehicle. In fact, there are those who will entertain violence to further enhance their view.

“Ahh,” the love affair we have with our pickups. When I was but a lad in high school and several years after, I recall little ditty’s that were written to antagonize the owners of certain makes. Here’s one you may remember: FORD aka found on road dead. Here’s another: FORD COUNTRY, on a quiet night you can hear a Chevrolet rust. You get the idea.

Personally, after owning all three, my favorite vehicle is PAID FOR.

I guess the best thing for each of us to do is drive whatcha like, like whatcha drive and live and let live.

Until next Monday, I hope each of you has a great week!

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