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Twiddle Your Own Thumbs! Mine are Busy Writing this Post


fingerprints (Photo credit: bistra1)

Earlier in my blog, the topic was the value of the human foot. I would be remiss and have been severely chastised by my right hand (known from now on as Hank) for not bringing light to the helpful human hand.

This post will be dedicated to the latter but more specifically, fingerprints.

The ancient Babylonians and the Chinese both used fingerprints for business transactions. It was not until 1892 in Argentina that they were used to solve a crime. Coincidentally, had the same technology been available a continent away, there may have been a conviction in the Borden Murders when Lizzie allegedly hacked her parents to chum.

We are told that no two people have the same fingerprints. This makes it a valuable and accurate crime fighting tool. On a side note, in the world of forensics, they’re developing a new technology which is not yet in use whereby experts can extract molecules from the lungs of a homicide victim and do the same to any suspects as long as it’s within 24 hours of the crime and determine if both were in the same area.

On a side, side note (I like sides better than backs and fronts; No comment on tops and bottoms), totally off the subject, I have been told since I was a child that no snowflake is exactly the same. Now when I think of the trillions upon trillions to the power of trillions of snowflakes that have fallen…I don’t know.

Back to Hank. Fingerprints give each one of us one more layer of originality. The same can be said of authors. Originality sets their work apart from any others. As you write, resist the temptation to write anything just as filler. Tap into that originality and put your best Hank forward.

Now I need to ask a question, and you must be truthful. Did you believe the piece I wrote on the new technology using molecules found in the lungs? Now be honest, did you? Because I did. And I’m the one that made it up. It’s not so hard to believe that such a procedure could exist with the technological advancements in forensics these days. Just another example of ways to incorporate interesting topics in your writing.

In closing, I would suggest on your way home from work or your next trip out, buy an ink pad, roll your fingers through it, deposit your prints onto a piece of paper and see if you really are who you think you are.

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