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Those Two Little Words No One Pays Attention to Until You Hear That Phrase, “Didn’t You Read the Fine Print?”

imagesI believe my next project will be a short story on the importance of reading the fine print before purchasing a product or service. Allow me to sight a few examples.

I don’t want to mention any names, but the first is a company that offers legal services that you can purchase much cheaper than consulting with an actual attorney in your area. You can form corporations, LLC’s, or even get your final affairs in order by composing your last will and testament in the comfort of your own home.  The confusing part of this process is the fine print (it can be difficult to read because of size and time so pause your TV when the fine print appears). It says that this legal service does not take the place of an attorney or legal advice.

The same company offers lawyers you can speak with that have your back. The problem here is (as we learn from the fine print) this service comes with a prepaid package. The more I think about it, the more I believe I’ll just find a bartender (someone who passed the bar) in my neck of the woods.

Then, there’s one of my favorites: “results not typical.” Now, you can bet this will always be in that micro world known as “fine print.”

I lost 24 lbs. on Fat Be Gone.” Results not typical.

I tried every diet that came down the pike. I’d lose 10 lbs. then gain back 20 lbs. Once I found Fat Be Gone my life changed. I lost 89 lbs. in just 4 short months. Thanks, Fat Be Gone.” Results not typical.

After having to be lifted from my bed with a fork lift (not to mention the exterior wall removal) for an ingrown toenail, I decided something had to be done. With Fat Be Gone I could eat what I wanted and in 7 short years I’ve lost 468 lbs. and 11 ozs. The doctor says once I drop below 699 lbs. the towing company can pick me up for doctor appointments. Way to go Fat Be Gone! You made a believer out of me.” Results not typical.

And, we mustn’t forget the little pill that sells for a mere $29.95 a bottle that in an independent study vs. placebo, this miraculous drug showed an average weight loss of 4.9 lbs. Absolutely amazing if your weight loss goal is 5lbs or less.

Beware! Many times, also in “fine print” you’ll see these words: in combination with an exercise and diet program. Go figure. So, live your life, have a one-on-one with Jesus every day and read the fine print before you buy!

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