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Excerpt from “Eden’s Wake”

BEN MOANED AND OPENED his eyes. He clamped them shut again as he sat upright, cradling his head in both hands until the dizziness subsided. He opened his eyes, squinting as the meager light filtered in. After several minutes, he could discern shapes.

He pulled himself to his knees, pausing as another wave of vertigo coursed through his brain.
Ben stood, placing his hands on his knees for support. In each direction were contrasting shades of blue. As his vision adjusted to the new surroundings, he was able to distinguish that the darker shades resembled trees. These were not the trees that one would ordinarily expect, but distorted abominations. Their broad bases grew tightly together. The wrinkled bark swirled in random patterns, until ending at the first course of limbs, which hung close to the ground. The branches grew in tiers that twisted in a spider web-like fashion toward a darkened azure sky.
Something akin to bats, but larger, darted in and out of the menagerie of limbs. Ben couldn’t distinguish details, just the ragged silhouettes as they fluttered by.
He was standing on a path of sorts. From the little he could determine, one way disappeared into darkness; the other led toward a pinhead-sized light.
Ben felt the alluring pull of darkness, beckoning him to follow. It repeated over and over its promise of reward if he would take the first step beginning the journey.
The small point of light also called to him, yet promised nothing, save for help along the way and peace once he reached his destination.
Ben looked into the darkness, hesitated and then took his first step toward the light. One of the flying creatures dipped low, opening a small gash in his forehead.
“So that’s how it’s gonna be.” He swatted at the aberration as it dived a second time, knocking it to the ground. As the creature tried to right itself, Ben brought his foot down hard, twisting until mud oozed up the side of his shoe. The miniature beast shrieked, its shrill cry muffled into a gurgle and ultimately silence as its head sunk beneath the murky goo.
Ben raised his foot, bent over, and reached down. The limp form made a sucking sound as he pulled it from its muddy tomb. He brushed caked-on debris from its body, turning it over several times to examine the lifeless corpse. Its wings hung straight down beside its body, gently wafting each time a light, stagnant breeze pushed its way through.
The creature had a curved beak, similar to an eagle, but with rows of random jagged teeth. The forehead swept back, ending at a dome at the crown of the skull. Black, lifeless eyes grotesquely protruded from either side

of its head, just below close-cropped, rounded ears. Its wings were blue, a nearly transparent membrane that stretched between black arm bones. The bottom edge of each wing was so ragged it appeared they were haphazardly torn from tissue paper.
Overlapping, triangular scales covered its chest, and stiff, thick fur its back. Ben noticed a single talon hung from the lower thorax, with no legs to speak of.
That’s why they’re forever moving. They have no way to perch. He lifted the animal by its wing tips, letting the body dangle. The span was approximately two feet.
Ben loosed his hold, allowing the creature to hang by one wing. He curled his lip in disgust and released his final grip. Before the leathery wing could clear his fingertips, the lifeless head screeched, wrenched upward, clamping its serrated beak onto the soft tissue between Ben’s right thumb and index finger.
With the same hand Ben made a fist, squeezing tight around the thing’s neck. With his free hand he grabbed its torso, twisted and pulled, removing the head. Black fluid spewed from the body as it writhed on the ground in silent agony.
The beak remained attached to his hand, its eyes wide and still afire with whatever demented life inhabited the disembodied aberration. The fluid leaking from the severed head seemed to crawl around Ben’s hand and into the wound, opened by the creature’s mouth.
“Ahh!” Ben tried to pry the beak open with no success. His hand seared as though doused with acid. A muffled cackle emanated from the closed mouth. To quell the pain, he grabbed the oozing neck and pulled, removing a sizable portion of his own flesh as he did so.
Ben dropped to his knees. He pulled handfuls of muck from the ground and rubbed it into the burning lesion. Wisps of smoke curled upward as he removed the last of the caustic blood. He bared his teeth, stood and stomped the cackling head deep into the mud.
Ben watched as several bubbles pushed through the mud over the buried head and then stopped. He kicked the decapitated body high in the air and out of sight into the woods on the other side of the path. He stood there, eyes ablaze, staring into a fevered nothing for several minutes until his breathing slowed and his muscles relaxed. Ben took a deep breath, sighed and sat down exhausted.

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I’ll Huff Then I’ll Huff Again (Completely Bypassing the Puff) Blow it Down and Dine at My Leisure….With a Bottle of MD 20-20 and Lima Beans

dbb8c9f9cf0ef953be31e53fb01984c5Once again a friend of mine has approached me about doing a children’s book. She is an illustrator and thinks collaboration would be a worthwhile endeavor. This friend knows that I write science fiction, fantasy, and adventure with a considerable amount of violence amongst all the nasty critters that I create for that particular volume. That doesn’t seem to bother her (I’m giving it serious consideration) and she doesn’t see a problem.

I think I’ve got a general outline and would appreciate any feedback from my trusted readers.

Imagine a peaceful backyard nearing the end of spring. A sweet little bunny rabbit cautiously nibbles on the tender grass shoots at the edge of a forest and the beginning of the yard. He moves further and further into the lawn looking for the choicest plants to ingest.

A butterfly flutters down and lands on a dandelion just in front of the bunny.

“What’s your name?” the butterfly asked.

“My name is Zorn. I hail from the planet, Remalac.” The bunny stood on his rear legs and crossed his chest with his front paw.

“Very nice to make your acquaintance,” the butterfly said. “My name is Sparkles. Would you be my friend?”

“I do not understand this friend you speak of,” Zorn said. “However, I do require nourishment for I have traveled many parsecs to reach your world.”

“We have many delicacies I’m sure you would enjoy,” Sparkles said.

“I would be interested in sampling your goods,” Zorn replied.

“Wonderful,” Sparkles said. “I will take you to some lovely—”

Sparkles lurched violently with a sucking sound, disappearing into Zorn’s mouth. He moved toward the house that sat in the middle of the lawn. Inhaling deeply, he blew down the back door and ingested any organic beings within the structure. Screams of desperation could be heard followed by the sucking sound as four of the occupants disappeared.

Zorn stepped out of the back door, turned to face the house, and blew reducing the structure to rubble.

A small burp followed by a “pardon” and Zorn skittered away looking for more friends and snacks.

Now you see the problems that could arise reading such a story to a toddler before bedtime?

I think perhaps it’s time to have a heart to heart with my illustrator buddy. If she still wants to proceed with the project, then what the hey? What’s a few nightmares among friends?

Besides, I don’t think we’d have to worry about a children’s bedtime horror story flying off the shelves.

The book hasn’t been written and I wouldn’t endorse it, but you just never know.

Until next week….


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Book Giveaway “Eden’s Wake”

Eden'sWakeSome have gotten close but no right answers as of yet. The contest continues until October 1, 2015.

The question from the first book  “Rising Tide” is:    What was the name of the character who was murdered in the pool under the waterfall on the island?

Contact me with your answer through (authorrisingtide.wordpress .com   my Facebook page  or   Twitter@Lynn Steigleder.)  There will be two winners from each social media site.

Good Luck!

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Those Two Little Words No One Pays Attention to Until You Hear That Phrase, “Didn’t You Read the Fine Print?”

imagesI believe my next project will be a short story on the importance of reading the fine print before purchasing a product or service. Allow me to sight a few examples.

I don’t want to mention any names, but the first is a company that offers legal services that you can purchase much cheaper than consulting with an actual attorney in your area. You can form corporations, LLC’s, or even get your final affairs in order by composing your last will and testament in the comfort of your own home.  The confusing part of this process is the fine print (it can be difficult to read because of size and time so pause your TV when the fine print appears). It says that this legal service does not take the place of an attorney or legal advice.

The same company offers lawyers you can speak with that have your back. The problem here is (as we learn from the fine print) this service comes with a prepaid package. The more I think about it, the more I believe I’ll just find a bartender (someone who passed the bar) in my neck of the woods.

Then, there’s one of my favorites: “results not typical.” Now, you can bet this will always be in that micro world known as “fine print.”

I lost 24 lbs. on Fat Be Gone.” Results not typical.

I tried every diet that came down the pike. I’d lose 10 lbs. then gain back 20 lbs. Once I found Fat Be Gone my life changed. I lost 89 lbs. in just 4 short months. Thanks, Fat Be Gone.” Results not typical.

After having to be lifted from my bed with a fork lift (not to mention the exterior wall removal) for an ingrown toenail, I decided something had to be done. With Fat Be Gone I could eat what I wanted and in 7 short years I’ve lost 468 lbs. and 11 ozs. The doctor says once I drop below 699 lbs. the towing company can pick me up for doctor appointments. Way to go Fat Be Gone! You made a believer out of me.” Results not typical.

And, we mustn’t forget the little pill that sells for a mere $29.95 a bottle that in an independent study vs. placebo, this miraculous drug showed an average weight loss of 4.9 lbs. Absolutely amazing if your weight loss goal is 5lbs or less.

Beware! Many times, also in “fine print” you’ll see these words: in combination with an exercise and diet program. Go figure. So, live your life, have a one-on-one with Jesus every day and read the fine print before you buy!

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Public Service Announcement

The one thing I avoid at all costs is to be a bother in any way to my readers. That being said, my boss requires I post information on my books from time to time. Being as I need this job, I must bow to the wishes of my superior.

Trying to discipline oneself is extremely difficult and should be left to the experts in Human Resources (which does not exist); hence, the preceding message.

Ben’s best friend is killed in an underwater implosion on a dying world. Living to die again, the two men reunite and battle for an ancient artifact, a relic which will ensure this planet’s survival. Ben crosses a threshold. The world he leaves—doomed; the world he enters—reborn. His wife, Eve, and their bumbling charge, Eleazor, follow Ben through the doorway and blindly into the void. “Eden’s Wake” is Book Two in the “Rising Tide” series available in ebook or paperback wherever books are sold.

Investment in this endeavor will garner much appreciation and eliminate the awkward position of self-termination not to mention having to explain my sudden unemployment to my wife.

Thank you.

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Katy-Did-It so the Next Time You Wanna Gnaw off a Bug’s Head Don’ t Drag Me into Your New Culinary Experiences

article-0-0E035C8E00000578-745_634x512We’re nearing mid-August and already I can see small signs of fall emerging. Just last week, our daily highs were in the 60’s and 70’s with lower humidity.

(Catch my new release, “For Whom the Leaves Fall,” for all my autumnal predictions.)

It’s a time of year when critters begin their death march and this final march, many times, includes the walking dead entering my abode.

For instance, the extremely noisy cicadas begin dropping from the sky, and the just as annoying katydid’s go to any length to sneak into my home. (They’re the deep green flying insects that somewhat resemble a grasshopper.)

If you’ve ever had even one of these green monsters in your house, then you know that when they begin sounding off, you would swear an air raid siren had set up shop in your living room.

It’s also the time (those with arachnophobia might want to close your eyes through this section) that these big fat red spiders string their webs everywhere. More than likely sections of web will find their way crossing through your exterior door openings. Ever see someone who has an aversion to our eight legged friends get tangled in a spider web where the owner of said web is as big as your thumb? Believe you me, it’s not a pretty sight.

Then, we have the leftover yellow jackets who seem determined to mine every iota of sugar they can. And where does one mine for sugar in the fall? Why soda cans of course. Ever see someone who has an aversion to stinging insects spend even a short amount of time with one in their mouth? Well, let’s just say this one gets downright ugly.

Have you ever paid attention to a granddaddy long-legs in the spring? It sits high on its long thin legs and small round body. Pay special attention to the same species who makes it through the summer and into fall. Its legs are worn down halfway or more. Its body looks as though it has been sitting on a couch eating hotdogs all summer long. Ugly doesn’t begin to describe this short, fat, out-of-shape member of the arachnid family.

Now, we’ll pick on the bad boy of the insect world in my neck of the woods. This would be the wolf of the foliage, the Praying Mantis. Bugs don’t normally bother me, but a large Praying Mantis I don’t normally touch. One year out of curiosity I put a large Mantis in a jar along with a fat red spider. The Praying Mantis moving at the speed of sound snatched the spider so quickly that the arachnid never had a chance. The Mantis had eaten the spider’s head before I knew what had happened.

Quite interesting indeed.

So instead of sitting inside watching the leaves fall. Check out what type of death and dismemberment may be available for viewing in your area. Until next week….


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Book Giveaway Contest Extension

Due to mistakes I made in the wording announcing my “free book contest” I am extending the contest until September 24, 2015. After reading my pitch I managed to confuse my own self. It was clear as mud and I apologize. What do you expect I’m just a writer.
This WordPress article is publicized on Twitter and Facebook. The prize will be a copy of my new release, “Eden’s Wake.” Two books will go to WordPress readers, two books will go to Twitter participants and two books to Facebook account holders. In order to win the book you must answer a question from the first book in the series, “Rising Tide.”
Question : What was the name of the character who was murdered in the pool under the waterfall on the island?
Please enter your answers as messages on one of the three sites.The first two correct answers from each media site will win a book. I will publish the winner’s name after the close of the contest. Please let me know if you would rather remain anonymous.
The contest will begin July 24, 2015 at midnight EST and end September 24, 2015 at 11:59 EST.
Good luck and thank you once again for your support.

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I Don’t Wanna Die by the Hand of a Shadow Monster. Why Do I Have to Be Hacked to Pieces? Whine, Whine, Whine. Even Mediocre Help is Hard to Find.

Have you ever felt as though you would like to live vicariously through the characters you create on paper?Dark_knight

I thought about it, thought about it some more, took a nap, and then considered it one last time. What I decided was a resounding, “NO!”

You see, even though a certain amount of “me” flows through the virtual nerve synapsis of my paper bound buddies, it’s not the part that lives in constant danger. And most certainly, contains not one iota of the beast slaughtering, world jumping, plague dodging and all around kill or be killed existence my entourage seems to embrace.

For the adrenaline junkie, life on the edge is not exactly my style. My idea of an exciting excursion, living life to the fullest and enjoying those “will I make it back in one piece” moments, consist of catching an 8 ounce spot in the surf. After that, the sky’s the limit. There’s no telling what I might get into. I’ve even been known to dare hitting the beach without sunscreen. Now, if that doesn’t put the fear in the heart of a brave man, then I’m at a loss at what will.

As I write, I contemplate how much death, dismemberment and mayhem I can drag my sad little creations through; for they are my puppets. “Dance little puppets, dance.” I suppose I should cut’em a little slack for they do the majority of the work.

I did happen to find a highly recommended virtual psychiatrist, but the cost in virtual bucks is a bit over the top. I do know a first year psychologist who just got out of jail and will work for beer.

I can hear it now, all you bleeding heart bookies. You have no idea what this business entails. So don’t judge me just because I want to save a few vb’s. I’ve got a wife and 6 kids I’m grooming for the business and let me tell ya, novel acting lessons ain’t cheap.

That’s it! I can tell already that I may as well be talking to a brick wall. Whine for the downtrodden characters even though they chose their own career. Well I’ve just about had it. Wait till my next book. If you think it’s bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Why don’t you go read some sappy romance novel, cause you won’t find any sissy stuff here.

See ya in the funny papers.

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Sometimes Ya Feel Like a Nut…Sometimes Ya Feel Like an Aluminum Can Smashed by an Amphetamine Crazed Trucker

imagesSomeone needs to write an appreciation guide listing all the wonderful individuals, corporations, and just down-right, goodhearted entrepreneurs who want to improve our lives and, might I add, at little or no cost to the consumer.

Case in point: I cannot believe the plethora of products that cost little or nothing ($19.99 to use a random number) and as a bonus, come with a multitude of gifts totaling boo-coo bucks, absolutely free.

Do you hear what I’m saying? That’s an unbelievable savings that the company or individual in their undying compassion passes on to me. What a bargain!

And then there are the generosity hounds that will double my order (you guessed it) absolutely free, for that same pesky small processing fee. These high quality items are provided for our necessity at such a low cost I cannot fathom how the manufacturers put food on their own tables.

I can only say with a tear in my eye how truly grateful I am.

We mustn’t forget the companies who sell us a product and then knowing we’ll soon run out, send us a new supply each month, not  bothering to tell us…that is, unless we are able to decipher the fine print at the bottom of the screen.

I realize this segue into our next fascinating topic makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, however, it works well with my mind set and after all isn’t that what really matters.

By all accounts it seems that Angus beef is nothing more than a marketing ploy (go figure)  and frogs are not dumb enough to sit in a pot of water and cook even if the temperature is gradually raised. And, they all said my attention span was that of a…What time is it I believe I need to take my medicine…I know it’s here somewhere…There it is… Okay back to the task at hand.

Another thing, that has recently entered the crowded arena of marketing (and for the product we are about  to discuss the marketing plan had to have  been pulled from under a rock) is what can only be perceived as genitals on what used to be one of my favorite candy bars. This particular bar consists of nougat and is covered in peanuts.  Why a set of naughty bits makes a candy bar more desirable can only be a question for the ages. What I do know is when I eat nuts, I’m particular from whence they hale–be it animal, vegetable or mineral. Which raises another question. What type of unmentionable body parts could possibly sprout from a bar of sugar, caramel and goobers. Irregardless I think I’ll pass.

We seem to be headed in a direction I believe neither of us wants to go. So with that I will end this section with these immortal words… “Nuff said.”

Now, since I can think of no segue to rival the last, I deem it best to call it a day and reflect on tonight’s dinner minus the nuts.

As usual, thank you for tuning in and I welcome any complaints. I’ll be sure to let you know when the complaint department is up and running.


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Book Giveaway

Contest Starts Today!


I’ve been considering a book giveaway, but not quite sure how to proceed. RisingTideAfter a short prayer it popped into my head and  not just mine, but my wife’s also. I plan to give away six books total.

This WordPress article is publicized on  Twitter and Facebook. The prize will be a copy of my newest release, “Eden’s Wake.” Two books will go to WordPress readers, two books will go to Twitter participants  and two books to Facebook account holders. In order to win the book you must answer a question from the first book in the series, “Rising Tide.”

Question :   What was the name of the character who was murdered in the pool under the waterfall on the island?

Please enter your answers as messages on each of the three sites to keep your information confidential. The first two correct answers from each media site will win a book. I will publish the winner’s name after the close of the contest. Please let me know if you would rather remain anonymous.

The contest will begin July 24, 2015 at midnight EST  and end  August 24, 2015 at 11:59 EST.

Good luck and thank you once again for your support.



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