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It’s A Short Jaunt To Our Mailbox

Living in a rural area, it’s a short jaunt to our mailbox for the daily arrival of our mailman. I place the letters in the box and raise the flag so he’ll know there’s a pickup. On my way up the driveway back to the house, I hear the sound of fall. Acorns dropping, as I mentioned last week, and leaf-blowers removing the first deceased leaves of the season. All around I see different colors depending on the variety of tree. I’ll have to say, this is the most colorful time of the year. Yellow, red, rust, and green, these colors set off the entire forest with an unprecedented beauty of its own.

Normally the days of fall usher in cooler temperatures with a nighttime nip in the air. However, today there seems to be a large amount of confusion in the surrounding area. The color still remains and the sounds are the same, but the temperature is 80°. Exhausted bumblebees and haggard butterflies sip the last vestige of nectar from dying flowers.

I assume before long, the cold air will set in. Some insects will die leaving eggs to hatch in the spring. Others will band together and weather the winter months, while some will hibernate sheltered underneath tree bark.

Me, well, I guess I’ll stay inside where it’s warm and write this weekly blog. Aside from that there’s always a novel in the works, my latest to be released in the next few weeks. Dalon Con . . . the Annihilation of Time is my first trip into temporal travel. Take a gander at my website, lynnsteigleder.com and have a great week!

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