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Creation In And Of Itself Is A Miracle, But Boy It Can Sure Be Ugly

As a science fiction writer, and I’m sure I have said this before, I enjoy devising outlandish beasts and creatures that could only exist in one’s mind. On the other hand, creation in and of itself is a miracle, but, boy, it can sure be ugly.

Occasionally, the critters that I concoct are of the tiny flesh gnawing variety. This makes me stop and think of the wonders in nature. How amazing are the insects that avoid our glance because of their diminutive size. These beings have a brain, nervous system, and circulatory system to digest their food, which frequently comes in the form of human juice.

How about the bumble bee? They’re big, bulbous, possess undersized wings, totally lack any form of aerodynamics, and yet, they perform the impossible, by flying and executing the deed flawlessly.

We, also, see God’s sense of humor in the duck-billed platypus, blob fish (seen above), narwhal, and a plethora of odd creatures.

If we sit in our backyards, especially during the summer months, but to an extent all year long, we will see the miracle of creation. 

And, what a miracle, it is!

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Tangled in a Web of Lies and Deceit, This Eight Legged Creature Plays a Deadly Game of Eat or be Eaten…or Not

argiope-aurantia-1Looking outside today, I noticed what we used to call as children a “writing spider.” In actuality it was a garden spider. This beautiful arachnid boasts a bright yellow and black abdomen, an orange head and long slender black legs. I often wonder at God’s creation, its beauty and splendor made for us to enjoy.

As a young lad staring out my bedroom window one fall, I could have sworn a writing spider spelled my name within its web…curious. Could this have been nature’s way of letting me know my calling prior to the actual call of becoming a writer?

I have no way of knowing; however, it is a tad enlightening if and when I choose to ponder such a silly notion. In fact, the older I become the more ridiculous the whole scenario seems. If I were of a mind to, I’d have myself committed to the ludicrous writer’s asylum…but enough of me.

Back to this wondrous spider. I find it fascinating that the juvenile garden spiders are able to spin webs without mommy or daddy’s help. Do you realize that’s equivalent to a six month old human child riding a bike without training wheels?

…Do the training wheels really matter at that age?…I think not. What a silly thing to say, but I shan’t erase it due to the evidence needed to gain entrance into the asylum.

And what I really find fascinating is the male spider’s determination to copulate. This unwavering horny toad very often reaches its intended malnourished and exhausted dying after it does the deed.

“What a way to go,” some would say.
I favor, “Live to copulate another day.”


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