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Ah, The love of a stranger

I have often mentioned how much I enjoy writing as I pen the various posts in my blog.

The same rings true with the one I am now working on. I guess I could say writing gives me that

Love ? I love love love you.

(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

warm and fuzzy feeling  not unlike the folks that care deeply for our welfare and prove

this notion by wonderful gift offerings. 

            Case in point: 

 I turned my television on and, what do you know, someone thought enough of me      that they offered $90.00 worth of skin care products for only $19.95.  Wow!  …and all this from a total stranger. 

 Then out of the blue, another caring individual was eager to sell me $180.00 worth of fitness products for only $29.95.  Boy, is this my lucky day or what?

 Then wonder of wonders, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, a total stranger, for whatever reason, showed their genuine concern for my ability to hear.  They were actually going to sell me a product that I could shove in whichever ear I chose for only $60 bucks. 

 Now I want you to stay with me on this one, because you are not going to believe it; they actually cut the price in half before I could pull out my credit card. This is where it really gets weird…they offered a second device for the same price! 

 When I finally came to, I quickly ordered the skin care products, fitness items and even though my hearing is fine, I just couldn’t resist these two tempting devices (and just in case I didn’t mention it, they fit in any ear I choose to cram them in).  

 So now, having been fortunate enough to stumble across these three wonderful products for which I would have gladly paid triple the price, I can actually hear my skin growing softer. And my fitness product, well once I get it put together, I have no doubt that it will make some type of noise that only I, with my super hearing, will be able to decipher. 

 And to think, it only costs $190.90 and $300.00 shipping. 

 What a bargain!


 deeply for us

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